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The Bridal Show Survival Guide

Some of you might be getting ready to attend your first bridal show. Even if it’s not your first, maybe you’d like to be a little more prepared now that you know what to expect. In light of that, we want to answer some questions you might have about preparing for the bridal show.

Can buy tickets to the show ahead of time? Yes, and we actually encourage that! It will save you time at the door. Visit the show page on to buy your tickets online! Who can I bring to the show? Anyone you’d like! If you want to round up a group of your closest friends or cousins, do it! If you want your groom to be with you throughout the planning process, then you’re more than welcome to bring him, too. We do, however, encourage you to think twice about bringing small children; they will tire quickly. If you do bring kids along, note that children 10 and under get into our shows free!

What can I do to prepare before the show? We suggest looking over the show’s list of exhibitors & taking notes of those that you are most interested in. In regards to preparing things to bring with you, you might want to put an idea file/binder together, obtain fabric swatches, set aside copies of your invitations to bring with you, and print address labels.

What should I bring to the show? Ah, the age old question. We’ll start by saying that we definitely promote being as prepared as possible for the show. Bring a pen & paper to take notes as well as a calendar/planner to make appointments. If you have a binder of ideas, color swatches, or other relevant materials to discuss with vendors, you should bring that, too. Also, if you’re able to bring printed address labels that include your name, address, phone number, wedding date, and e-mail address that would make life a lot easier. They’ll allow you to quickly sign up for registries and prizes. Feel free to bring your own bag for literature and freebies, but we’ll be providing those free at the door, too!

Above all, we want you to bring an open mind – there are all types of wedding services to consider and be prepared to ask lots of questions. Make sure to collect information from every vendor, even if you aren’t sure you’ll need it.

We sure hope we’ve helped answer your planning questions! Of course, if you have more, feel free to leave them in the comments below for us to answer. Bridal shows do require some prep work, but don’t let that bog you down. The most important part of your planning is for you to have fun with it!

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