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Groom Approved Planning Tasks

Most little girls grow up thinking about the details of their wedding, and some start Wedding Idea boards on Pinterest before they’re even engaged. Men, however, don’t usually have as much interest in the wedding planning– they bought the ring, now they’re out.

When asked for their opinion, grooms often say, “Whatever you want,” or “I want this day to be the way you want it to be.” That puts a lot of pressure on the bride, not to mention all of the responsibilities! Here’s a list of tasks that every bride can trust their groom to manage or participate in.



One of the the aspects of wedding planning that the groom actually does enjoy is testing out caterers. His opinion represents all of the males that will attend your wedding, plus, he’s most likely going to be eating at least two times more than you are. When weighing your catering options, his number one choice should be a top contender.



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Similar to catering, the men usually like meeting with potential bartenders to sample a few signature cocktails. If you choose to have a “him and her” signature drink at your wedding, check out our blog for some ideas and suggestions! This is an easy task for him to handle, and you can be confident that he’ll enjoy whatever he chooses as the “For Him” beverage.


Guest Accommodations

Researching nearby hotels, comparing prices and how many rooms you can block, and booking your event can be very time-consuming, but isn’t all that difficult. While you’re off meeting with the florist or getting a dress fitting, you can send your groom to meet with some hotel representatives to make arrangements for your guests.



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Though this task may require some restrictions from the bride– he should know whether yard games like cornhole and ladder golf are allowed, if photo booths are in your budget, and what songs are on your do not play list– we think it’s safe to say that you can trust your groom with the task of finding entertainment. From choosing a DJ or band, to booking a caricature artist or building a giant Jenga game, the groom will have fun coming up with ideas for this task.



Similar to catering tastings, this is a task that the groom will (usually willingly) participate in. Though men aren’t known to love to shop like women are, when it comes to buying appliances and gadgets for their house, they usually don’t mind so much. Though he may not enjoy picking out which towels, comforter, or dishes to scan, you won’t have to drag your soon-to-be hubby along with you on this one.


Marriage License and Name-Changing

If you’re changing your name for him, it’s only fair that he conduct the research behind what it takes to make the switch. A lot of research and most likely a game or two of phone tag will go into this task. Refer to our blog for more tips on how to change your name.


Menswear and Groomsmen’s Gifts

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Though most grooms are pretty relaxed when it comes to their wedding day attire, some may have requests: no bow-ties, a suit rather than a tux, a belt rather than suspenders, etc. Make it easier on yourself by giving your fiancé a color swatch and sending him off to get fitted. This may be a hard one for you to give up since you have a vision in your head, but because it directly involves the groom, it’s a good task for him to take over. While the bride should buy the bridesmaids’ gifts, the groom should have the responsibility of buying for his groomsmen. Since they’re most likely his closest friends and family members, he should know them well enough to buy them a gift of gratitude. Give him a budget, and let them get creative.


Planning a wedding is so much harder than a bride-to-be expects. There are details to manage that you never noticed before, and balancing your planning responsibilities with your full-time job can be stressful. Though this list is not exhaustive– you should still invite your fiancé along to your other planning events and appointments, too!– we think you can trust your fiancé take some of the weight off of your shoulders with these duties. By sharing the responsibilities, you can both enjoy your engagement rather than wishing you were on your honeymoon.

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