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Quiz: Creating Your Guest List

Customarily, the engaged couple creates their guest list along with both sets of parents before combining and editing. But sometimes, your parents may want to invite people you don’t even remember meeting! What do you do when you want a small head count, but don’t know who to cut? We have just the solution.


If you’re struggling to decide who to invite to your wedding and who to leave off the guest list, our quiz is specially designed with you in mind! With just a few easy steps, we’ll help make your decision-making process easier.


When considering who to invite, ask yourself if you’ve spoken to them in the past few weeks. You may have been best friends in college, but would their presence really make a difference in your wedding day? If the answer is yes, then invite them! If you’re only considering them because you don’t want to hurt their feelings, consider putting their name on a B-list.


Our best advice to you when creating your guest list: Would you have them over for dinner? If you feel uncomfortable with that idea, it may be best to put them on a B-list or off the guest list entirely. If the idea excites you or it’s a pretty familiar concept with this particular person, they should definitely get an invite!


Also consider whether or not they’ve met your fiancé when creating your list. If not, the wedding day probably isn’t the best time to meet them. If this person is a long-distance friend or family member, you can invite them, but get together beforehand for dinner or drinks to introduce them to your fiancé.


Once you’ve finalized your guest list, it’s time to choose invitations! Check out our Pinterest for ideas, and use our Wedding Planner to keep track of who’s responded. Plus, don’t miss our blog on creative guest book ideas for when your guest list is actualized on your wedding day!


Remember- this day is about you! You shouldn’t cater it toward others to save their feelings or make them more comfortable. Do what makes you happy. After all, you’re celebrating the love you found, so you should be surrounded by those you love…not those you barely know.


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