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Who Should You Ask to be a Bridesmaid?

Choosing your bridesmaids can be one of the hardest decisions you’ll make in the wedding planning process! Deciding which girls (or boys!) will stand beside you, trying to match the number to your fiancé’s, and figuring out the best way to ask are all exciting steps in your wedding planning, but can also be stressful!

Luckily for you, we’ve designed a quiz that will help you determine which friends should stand beside you, and who should just get an invite.

When it comes to choosing your bridesmaids, don’t think you have to ask girls only. If one of your best friends is a guy, ask him to be a “brides mate.” The tricky part comes when choosing his attire; he should of course wear something that complements the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses while matching in similarity to the groom’s suit or tux, but it’s up to you whether he should match the groomsmen or stand apart with a different tie or vest, or an entirely different outfit.

Keep in mind that both sides of the wedding party don’t have to match in number. If you have 8 best friends and your fiancé has 4 – or vice versa – don’t feel that you have to limit yourself or ask more of your friends to be bridesmaids. You should only ask those who you truly couldn’t imagine getting married without having them by your side – your closest, dearest, truest friends. Never feel obligated to ask someone or feel pressured into excluding someone. Regardless of whether one of your friends doesn’t like another or you’ll have one more than your fiancé, if you want someone to be there, ask them.

A lot of brides feel obligated to ask someone to be a part of their wedding because they were a bridesmaid in theirs. Just because you were in someones wedding does not mean you have to invite them to be in yours! Again, this is your day and the people who stand beside you should be your very best friends. While sometimes it may be frugal to invite someone in order to save your friendship (if you know they’ll be offended if they’re not a bridesmaid), but you should also consider what that says about your relationship. A true friend will be happy that you’ve found the love of your life and will support your marriage in any way they can.

If you’re questioning whether or not you should ask someone to be a bridesmaid, examine why you’re questioning it. If it’s simply due to tradition (they’re male or will throw off the symmetry of the party), then ask them to be a bridesmaid! If it’s because you’re doubting whether or not you want them there or because you think they may be offended, take the quiz above! We hope it will help clear up any confusion when choosing your bridal party. Once you’ve chosen your girls, make sure they read our Bridesmaid’s Guide: Dos and Don’ts blog and keep track of who’s been asked and accepted with our Free Printables!

What’s your next step? Dress shopping! Whether you decide to mix and match or opt for long vs short, dress shopping with your best friends is always tons of fun!

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