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If you’re planning to have your wedding in December, it’s almost obligatory to have a holiday wedding. If you don’t want your wedding to revolve around this wonderful time of the year, then get out of here you Scrooge.

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It’s the most beautiful time of the year. The only thing that can make it more wonderful is celebrating your marriage! Winter weddings, though, can be tricky. Snow can be the greatest photobomber of all time, creating a magical winter wonderland, or it can turn to that terrible, dirty slush that Ohio seems to love to create which doesn’t make for flattering photos. So is it worth the risk?

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One great thing about having a wedding in December is that you can save a lot of money on decor. Most venues will have Christmas decorations up – we’re talking Christmas trees with twinkly lights, wreaths, poinsettias, garland, and more – so you don’t have to worry so much about decor. Dress your table in white, red, or gold linens, add a centerpiece, and voila! Your decor is complete.

When it comes to color schemes, you may feel like you want to steer away from the typical red and green because it feels ordinary and overused for the holidays. We, however, feel that holiday colors are what will make your wedding day feel special for a variety of reasons. First, only December brides will have a Christmas colored wedding. Brides throughout the year share popular colors – like coral or blush – but yours will stand out from weddings that take place in any other month! Plus, the spirit of Christmas brings a certain coziness with it and brings back childhood memories that make you smile. Having your wedding added to those memories is even better.

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attire and accessories

Because Ohio’s weather is unpredictable, don’t count on there being a fresh snowfall on the night before or day of your wedding. Do prepare, though, to bring some warm clothes as a backup. Consider buying a dress that has sleeves or purchase a fur cape and muff as a backup. Your local bridal shop can help you with some ideas and offer you some options that will keep you warm but also keep you fashionable. If you refuse to cover up your dress for your photos, have one of your bridesmaid’s hold your coat so you can put it on in between shots.

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Flowers can be a delicate decision for a winter wedding – nothing can bloom in the harsh weather! While poinsettias are gorgeous and remind everyone of Christmas, we recommend using them sparingly. White flowers with cranberries and lots of greenery make for a gorgeous bouquet that is timeless and yet fits the season. Include frosted pine and acorns to add texture! Talk to your local florist to see what flowers are in season that can be combined to create the perfect, wintry bouquet.

In case you don’t have a snowy wedding, incorporate some accessories that sparkle like snowflakes! Whether it’s metallic tablecloths, a sparkly pin for your hair, or glittery shoes, the ring on your finger doesn’t have to be the only bling on your wedding day!

One big warning to any bride planning her wedding around the holidays: don’t be hurt if some guests can’t make it. The holidays are a special time for families, so some guests may already have plans. Other guests may not want to risk traveling in hazardous weather conditions.

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