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What to do after a Bridal Show

So you went to our Bridal Show, you ate too many cake samples, fell in love with too many wedding gowns, and met some pretty amazing people. How can you use the information you learned and the contacts you made to your advantage? We can help with that…

Get Organized

It’s all about organization when you attend a bridal show. If you brought along a notebook, planner, a folder, or your wedding planning binder, you’re already one step ahead of the game! If not, no worries! That’s why we provide you with those lovely little Today’s Bride pink tote bags. They serve as a great storing place to hold all of the pamphlets, business cards, and literature you collected throughout the show.

It’s important to sort through your bag immediately while all the information is fresh Organize your favorites and write down the names of the vendors you spoke to. This way, you can ask for them specifically when you call. The longer you wait to do this, the harder it will be to remember details. You went to the show to meet awesome wedding professionals. If you can’t remember them, it’s all a waste.

The Bridescan App

BrideScan is an amazing app to help you during this process. If you were fortunate enough to use this app when you visited the show, hopefully you scanned the vendors you loved most. That way, all their contact information and show specials – along with your own notes – were saved into your app for you to reference. That way, you don’t have to shuffle through all of the contents in your bag to remember which DJ or caterer you liked best.

If you’re planning on attending a Today’s Bride Show, be sure to download this app before you arrive. You’ll collect so much info and talk to so many vendors that by the time you get home, you won’t remember who was who. You may remember that a rental company you loved had a blue backdrop, but will that help you in the long run? Instead, collect everyone’s information to compare after the show, and use BrideScan to store your favorite vendors’ information. You’ll keep all of your favorite’s separate and won’t have to worry about remembering one company’s name out of a hundred.

Time to Research

Once you’ve organized your stack of papers, it’s time to research. Compare prices, photo galleries, services, and years of experience. You may also want to check out their website, social media links, and some reviews. Creating an Excel document can be extremely helpful at this point in your planning. It will clearly organize all of your information so you can easily compare and weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

Remember, it’s not always about the price. Did you feel like you connected with a vendor and that they truly understood your vision and what you wanted for your wedding day? Maybe one vendor was a little pricier, but also has years more experience and better reviews. When you’re hiring wedding professionals, make sure to choose the one that you are most comfortable working with.

Set up Appointments

Getting in contact with those vendors is the best way to do just that. Once you’ve narrowed down your list of favorites, email or call them to set up a meeting and discuss important details. (Remember that magazine we gave you at the show? The 40-page Wedding Planner in the back will be really helpful with this step!) If someone takes a long time to respond to you, doesn’t seem flexible or willing to accommodate your needs, or you just don’t get a good vibe from them, scratch them off your list and move on to the next one! Remember, trust your gut. If you feel like someone isn’t a good match, they probably aren’t. It’s a lot like finding your fiancé; it may take a lot of searching, but once you find the right vendor, it’ll be worth it.

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Book your Vendor

Finally, book an appointment to sit down and sign that contract! After meeting them at the bridal show, contacting them, researching their experience and past weddings, and doing just a little bit of Facebook and Google stalking, it’s time to pull that trigger! That’s what attending our show was all about, right? Trust that you’ll make the right decision and that these experts can make your dream wedding a reality.

Hopefully you had as great a time at the show as we did. We loved getting to see all of the brides, grooms, moms, dads, and friends attending and meeting the best vendors Northeast Ohio has to offer. Remember to ask your favorite vendors if they accept the Discount Card we gave you – worth 10% off up to $100 – or check the full list of participating exhibitors here.

Didn’t get to attend the show? Check out the highlights from the show in our Akron Photo Gallery and Cleveland Photo Gallery!



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