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Valentine’s Day Proposals

What better way to celebrate the most romantic day of the year – Valentine’s Day – than getting down on one knee and promising your heart to the love of your life?

Although Valentine’s Day proposals are extremely romantic, there are still a few things to keep in mind when deciding that this day is when you want to pop the big question.

Planning is key. To make sure that everything you need will be ready on this day, you must plan very far in advance. You’ll need to get the engagement ring weeks or even months before your proposal to ensure that it’s in on time. Remember that even if couples aren’t getting engaged on Valentine’s Day, many of them are still buying flowers and jewelry for their loved ones, so you want to make sure you give yourself enough time to beat the holiday rush.

Keep in mind that love is in the air and this is proposal season. About 10 percent of couples that get engaged in the United States during the year will get engaged on Valentine’s day, so if you want a professional photographer to capture your special moment, don’t wait until the last minute to start looking for one or else you risk having blurry photos where you can’t even see her reaction taken on your friend’s iPhone.

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Know your sweetheart. Valentine’s Day proposals don’t have to be huge events for them to be romantic. If your fiancé-to-be is more low-key, then consider proposing over a quiet, intimate dinner at home. If they are very family oriented, maybe he or she would be happy if you invited family out to dinner and proposed in front of all her loved ones.

Any proposal should be creative and personal, but if you plan to propose on a national holiday, you should really get imaginative with your proposal. Think about using candy hearts that say “Will you marry me?” If your loved one likes grand gestures, put together a flash mob of people dancing to her favorite love song. If she likes romantic comedies, be as cheesy as possible. You only have one shot at this, no matter what kind of proposal you decide on, make it a moment she will never forget. This day is all about celebrating your love, so make sure that the proposal reflects both of your personalities in some way.

It’s important to know what kind of ring your bride-to-be likes, so check out this blog with tips about what to look for and check out her Pinterest when she’s not looking – trust us, she’s saved some pictures of what she likes.

Don’t act suspicious. If you don’t remember anything from these tips, at least remember this one. So many couples get engaged on this day that your significant other might be expecting or anticipating it…especially if you’re acting suspicious. You want her to be surprised when you pop the big question, so try to act like it is going to be like every other Valentine’s Day that you two have spent together. If you don’t typically go to dinner out, consider proposing at home. If you normally catch a movie, try to tie your proposal in to that.

While you’ll want to seem like everything is normal so he or she won’t suspect a thing, you could do something that will throw them off a little bit. Keep the dinner reservations you always make for the restaurant where you had your first date, but maybe take a detour on your way there to a park where all your close friends and family are waiting with live music. Or swing by the place where you first asked her to be your girlfriend on the way home from dinner and propose to her there. Be creative and make it unique for your love story, but don’t give it away.

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Have a back-up plan. Planning to propose on Valentine’s Day runs the risk of being upstaged, especially if you’re proposing in a public place. If you plan to propose at a restaurant or park, be prepared to have a back-up plan in case someone beats you to it. You wouldn’t want to pop the question 5 minutes after another couple just got engaged, would you? In case that does happen, have a contingency plan – like taking a stroll along the waterfront or stopping for dessert at your favorite bake shop.


While every proposal requires a lot of planning beforehand, this is especially important on a holiday proposal. While they are guaranteed to be romantic, they risk being expected. There are a lot of variables that are hard to plan for that you must prepared for in advance, but if it’s done right, there is nothing more romantic than a Valentine’s Day Proposal.

Now that you’re engaged, this blog can help you out with what comes next!

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