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Creating a Gorgeous Fall Wedding Bouquet

Fall is such a beautiful time of the year. The vibrant orange pumpkins, deep red apples, and bright yellow sunflower and wheat fields are all represented in the changing leaves. Your wedding bouquet should reflect this nature-made beauty. We’ve got some tips on how to build the perfect fall wedding bouquet without spending a fortune.

common Colors

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Klodt Photography

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Tec Petaja Photography

When choosing your color scheme for a fall wedding, look at nature. Finding your inspiration from your surroundings will ensure that your wedding is naturally beautiful, in-season, and budget friendly! “Some of the most popular colors we see in the fall are burgundy, rust, orange, creams, and light yellows,” says Jeff from Buehler’s. These color schemes of hues of yellows, oranges, and reds are typical, as they’re what you’d find in the changing leaves and blooming flowers. Tonya from Tilted Tulip notes that “I have done a lot of bouquets incorporating plums and light pinks this season,” and Courtney from Graceful Wedding Company adds that “The key is to combine a few accent colors in a way that emphasizes the main feature colors of the bouquet without making the bouquet appear too busy. Accenting your bouquet with foliage is a great way to achieve this!”

Vince from Forest Woods agrees that burgundy and peach are popular colors for a fall bouquet, but adds that “lavender is great for all seasons. We’re also seeing a growth in both silver and gold tones, though rose gold is starting to take a back seat to copper.”

Popular flowers

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Studio Something

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Klodt Photography

So you’ve decided a color scheme, but what flowers should you use to comprise your bouquet? To stay in-budget, choose stems that are in-season. If you want a flower that is typically found in the spring, you’ll have to pay extra for your florist to have them imported. Some of the most popular fall bouquet flowers, according to Jeff from Buehler’s, are Sunflowers, Wildflowers, and Mums. Tonya from Tilted Tulip adds that Garden Roses and Dahlias are popular choices, as well. These flowers are both in-season during the fall and are perfect for diverse color schemes as they come in a variety of colors.

“Fall weddings give the bride a large variety of garden flowers to create her own unique look,” says Tom from The Bouquet Shop. “We currently use locally grown dahlias, celosia, amaranths, and ranunculus in an autumn palette that ranges in colors from burgundy tones to coral-peach tones. Dahlias come in white, creme, yellows, pinks, burgundy, eggplant, and lavenders, so that the colors chosen can compliment the attendants dresses to create the vision for the bride’s special day.”

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Priscila Valentina Photography

“We feel that using foliage in fall bouquets is a must for texture. It allows the colors to pop more, and also to reduces the number of stems needed without decreasing the overall size,” Courtney from Graceful Wedding Company remarks. If you choose the right leaves, this can be a beautiful bouquet by itself, and extremely budget-friendly!

Popular Fillers

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Ella Photography

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Brandon Kidd Photography

Fillers are an extremely important part of any bouquet because they “fill in” any empty spaces. This makes the bouquet look complete and voluminous. “Filler flowers are also a great way to add size to bouquets without adding a ton of cost,” notes Courtney from Graceful Wedding Company. Leaves are a common filler used in a fall bouquet, but you’ll also see yarrow, status, hypericum berries, salidago, and status, according to Jeff from Buehler’s.

“A bohemian style bouquet using a variety of greens including seeded, gunni, silver dollar, and willow eucalyptus, with hypericum berries used as accents has been a popular choice for autumn weddings,” Tom from The Bouquet Shop recollects. “The  Bohemian style bouquet allows the bride to capture the beauty of the individual garden flowers that she has chosen, which reflect the awe of nature itself.”

We suggest adding autumnal additions like wheat, pumpkins, or apples for diversity in texture and size, but don’t get too carried away. “Too many fillers can start to look a bit busy. We love to use foliage to add interest and color without adding too much ‘busy-ness’,” says Courtney from Graceful Wedding Company. “Asymmetrical bouquets and those with a slight cascade have been requested quite a bit this fall, which can be achieved nicely with different types of foliage.”

Ways to save money

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Cassandra Castaneda Photography

Flowers can be one of the most expensive investments for your wedding day. This is because they’re usually part of your decor and centerpieces, as well as your bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres. We mentioned before that choosing flowers that are in-season play a huge part in staying within your budget. Another way you may be able to save money is by using flowers that have a big bloom. Luckily, a lot of fall flowers – like dahlias, sunflowers, zinnias, and mums – have a wider diameter when fully bloomed than flowers in other seasons. “Hydrangeas are another popular flower choice,” notes Vince from Forest Woods. Hydrangeas are a great addition to wedding bouquets to create a fuller effect. If the flower is fuller, you’ll need less stems to create a voluminous bouquet, meaning less money spent!

Have a vision in your mind but aren’t sure which flowers you want? Be sure to check out our flower glossary before meeting with a local florist! Visit our Fall Wedding Pinterest board for even more inspiration.

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