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My Favorites


Wedding planning can be a bit overwhelming. How is your brain supposed to remember everyone you’ve researched and met with, and which ones you liked best? With My Favorites, you can easily keep track of which vendors you love most without having to take up any extra brain cells. Whether you’re searching online, flipping through the magazine, or visiting a Today’s Bride Show, you can simply check off all vendors you’re interested in and have a list of your faves sent directly to your email!

You’ll have a list on your phone of every booth at the show or advertiser in our magazine. When you’re talking to someone and you want to contact them later or remind yourself to look at their website, simply check the box next to their name on the list! At the end of the show, your entire favorites list will be sent to your email, so you have a personalized, organized list of companies from the show you want to learn more about.