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Laci & Andrew’s Romantically Rustic Real Wedding

REAL WEDDING | RITTMAN, OHIO Laci and Andrew’s Real Wedding accomplished every detail that makes up a perfect Spring wedding. The bright and cheerful Tiffany blue played against the rustic, wooden features of the venue, …

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Minimalist Wedding Theme

Minimalist Wedding | Viktoria Antal | As seen on

One practice that makes planning a wedding easier is choosing a theme. Having a clear theme makes it easier to choose a color scheme, venue, decor, and more. One popular home decor and lifestyle trend …

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Overcoming Pinterest Overload

Pinterest | As seen on

Having too many ideas when it comes to planning your wedding may not seem like the worst problem you could have, but trust us when we say that overloading on Pinterest can make your planning …

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Holiday Wedding

Christmas Wedding | Riverfront Photography | As Seen on

If you’re planning to have your wedding in December, it’s almost obligatory to have a holiday wedding. If you don’t want your wedding to revolve around this wonderful time of the year, then get out …

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The Perfect Fall Wedding

Fall Wedding | Artistic Photos by Glenda | As Seen on

Whenever you’re basing your wedding off of a season or a holiday, things can quickly get out of hand. You can have a wedding at Halloween without a black and orange color scheme, and Christmas …

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Personalizing Your Bouquet

Bouquet | Orchard Photography | As seen on

Though some trends have blossomed and others wilt, one thing remains true: flowers are a great way to balance trends with tradition.

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Executing "Casual Elegance"

This wedding season has seen a shift in trends from what we lovingly refer to as “rustic chic” to a more whimsical “garden party” atmosphere. Couples are choosing to cater their wedding to reflect their …

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A Gem of a Color Palette

Yes, jewel tones are taking the 2016 color palette by storm! Deep blue, emerald green, ruby red, rich honey and bright amethyst make up the perfect color scheme for a bold bride. Take a peek at our …

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What’s Your Palette?

Selecting a color scheme for your wedding is no easy task. Your bridesmaids’ gowns, décor, flowers, etc. all revolve around the one to four colors – five tops – that you choose. Featuring any more than five colors …

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Style Report: Elegantly Neutral

While we love bright, colorful weddings as much as the next person, we’re also all about the understated elegance that comes with a neutral color scheme. Apparently, we’re not the only ones – we saw a lot of neutral palettes (earth tones, nudes and blush pinks) at our January bridal shows. So we’ve decided to bring you a breakdown on how to do this trend right!

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