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Your Wedding Menu: Well Planned Means Well Done

It is time to plan your meal. Caterers will be your best coaches here. You are responsible for one wedding reception; caterers are responsible for dozens each year. Trust, or at least listen to, their wisdom. Interviewing a handful of caterers and sifting through their recommendations will be the most valuable for a successful reception. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind along the way.

Explain to your caterer the number of guests you are expecting, the presentation, your ideal menu, your budget and the venue. They will tell you what seems to work. Caterers know the customary portions. You do not have to calculate each guest’s appetite. If you are, however, wondering how caterers portion your meal here is an example of a standard guideline.

Today's Bride: Well Planned Means Well Done

Leslianne Love-Lake, director of catering at Old Carolina BBQ Co., helped contribute some ideas to save time and money on your big day:

* When choosing between buffet, family style and plated service keep in mind the latter requires more wait and kitchen staff.

* Increase your menu selections. Guests will most likely take less of each item if there are more choices.

* Determine the demographic of your guest list. Do not forget men tend to eat more than women.

* If you are providing your own alcohol keep it simple – beer, wine and a few signature cocktails are perfect and add a personal flare to your event. A full bar service will be more costly than just beer and wine. Money can be saved there and few people would object.

* Leftovers can be packaged for guests to take home or delivered to a local shelter.

* Stay true to your actual guest count. Most catering companies do not plan for a percentage more.

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Captured Memories

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831 Photography

In need of a caterer? We have a list of ones from the area known for their excellence.

Unsure what to ask potential caterers? Here is a link to some ideas.

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Billy says:

These are great wedding catering tips! Thank you for the help. I have been running around chaotically trying to figure out how to figure out my wedding menu.

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