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3 Ways You Can Make a Difference with your Wedding


Throughout the course of planning your wedding you’ll hear over and over again, “This day is all about you.” While we 100% agree that this day should encompass everything that makes you happy and be the most magical day of your life, there are ways you can make a difference without sacrificing your special day.

If you’re a conscious global citizen who wants to make a difference in the world in even a small way, we have some suggestions to do just that while planning your wedding! You can still help brighten others’ days while focusing on your love and relationship. Here are some ideas:

Ask for donations in place of your registry

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If you and your fiance already live on your own or live together, you probably don’t need the typical household items a couple registers for, like a coffee pot, silverware, and a vacuum sweeper. If you already have necessities like these or want to add something a little different to your registry, ask your guests to, instead, donate to a charity of their choice. You can provide them with options of your favorites or ask them to choose their own. While it would be considered invasive to ask how much they donated, it’s a nice idea to have everyone write down the charity they’ll be donating to on their RSVP card so you can see the variety and all the good you’ll be doing by adding this registry option. Here are some more ideas of what you can register for!

Donate your leftover food and flowers

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One thing you don’t think about until after the reception is, “What are we going to do with all of these flowers?” Donating the leftover bouquets, flower arrangements, and centerpieces to children’s hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living communities. You could even include a note with the story of your proposal or how you met. This is a great way to do something small that has a big impact on someone’s day. See this blog for more ideas on what to do with your extra flowers.

You may also have some leftover food. Instead of tossing it out, you can package them up in containers and drop them off at a soup kitchen. If you live in a bigger city, get your wedding party together and spend the night handing out meals to the homeless you see on the street. Seeing how grateful they are and how much your actions mean to them will be something that you’ll remember forever.

One other option to be rid of your extra flowers and food is to give them to your guests as they depart! Everyone loves leftovers and who doesn’t want to display a beautiful flower arrangement in their home?

Volunteer while on your honeymoon

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Your honeymoon should be relaxing, but it can also be a great time to help out those in need! Take a day or two to volunteer to help build a school in the Caribbean or South America. Work to bring clean water to children in Africa. Pass out blankets, pillows, and meals to the homeless in Europe, or teach English to children in Asia. There are so many ways that you can make a difference in just one day while you’re vacationing. Talk to your travel agent or do some research before you travel to figure out how you want to help. Besides seeing the difference you’re making in so many lives, you’ll also have the opportunity to experience and learn about these cultures in a way that’s organic and meaningful.



Your wedding is meant to celebrate the love you’ve found, but that doesn’t mean it’s all about you. With a little creativity and compassion, you can make it about others, too!


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