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Modern Wedding Trends from Old Traditions


If you think “old” when you think of “traditional,” then you probably want a more modern wedding! Luckily, we’ve put a twist on wedding traditions to refresh and modernize these customs!

Traditions have to be started by someone, so why not you? Make your own wedding traditions with these modern updates! From the white dress to the first dance, we have some new ideas for you to try.

Tradition says…The groom can’t see the bride before the ceremony.

Your parents may still be sticklers for avoiding letting the groom see your dress. This tradition stems from the era of arranged marriages. Parents were afraid that if the groom saw the bride before they were wed, he may back out of the arrangement. Since this doesn’t really apply to today’s marriages, brides have started veering away from this tradition.

Modern Brides say…A first look is more dramatic and intimate!

Modern Wedding Trends | Genevieve Nisly Photography | As seen on

Genevieve Nisly Photography

To completely dismiss this tradition, you can invite your fiance to come dress shopping with you. This way, he can help you choose the perfect dress and stay in budget. Some brides choose not to stray completely from tradition. By keeping your attire a secret until the day of the wedding, you can please your parents and yourself. A first look raises the suspense for the groom to see his bride for the first time but in a more intimate way. Instead of reacting in front of a hundred or so guests, you two can enjoy the moment in privacy. Plus, you get more time to appreciate each other’s company!

Tradition says…your wedding dress must be white.

A white wedding dress shows purity and innocence. Queen Victoria actually started this trend. Before her white wedding dress, brides wore whatever garment was nicest. Once the queen wore white, though, everyone did. And the trend stuck!

modern brides say…add a pop of color!

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Erica Camille Photography

Modern Wedding Trends | Emm and Clau | As seen on

Emm and Clau

Modern Wedding Trends | A Day of Bliss | As seen on

A Day of Bliss

Not everyone looks good in white! Shouldn’t you look and feel your absolute best on your wedding day? If you feel more confident in a red gown or can rock emerald green, go for it! Where what you like; this is your wedding day. If you like the idea of a colorful gown but aren’t quite sure you want to break from tradition, there are other options. For a tulle ballgown, ask for a few layers of a dyed tulle underneath or dip dye the bottom of your dress for a subtle look!

tradition says…your bridal party must match.

Bridesmaids are actually a trend that started to distract evil spirits from the bride. The girls would dress in apparel similar to the bride’s so that the evil spirits would get confused. It was a way to wish luck to the bride and her marriage. If you’re not very superstitious, you can consider nixing this tradition.

Modern brides say…let’s mix it up!


Modern Wedding Trends | Jadie Foto | As seen on

Jadie Foto

Modern Wedding Trends | Teale Photography | As seen on

Teale Photography

Each bridesmaid is beautiful in her own way!  Give them a color palette and letting them choose their own dress. This will let them express their styles and personalities. It will add a unique touch to your wedding while making for some gorgeous photos!


And when we say your wedding party doesn’t have to match, we don’t just mean in attire. You can have both genders on either side of the wedding party. Traditionally, only females could be bridesmaids and males could be groomsmen. But this is the 21st century and your best friend may be a guy. Who’s to say you can’t have him in your party? Modern brides have been diverting from this tradition by having co-ed wedding parties and bridal showers!

tradition says…engagement rings should be a diamond.

A diamond is said to be one of the most precious stones found on our earth. By pairing a diamond with gold, you are protecting yourself from demons and evil spirits. At least…that’s what tradition says. By why does the ring you’ll wear every day for the rest of your life have to be a diamond?

modern brides say…I want something more unique.

Modern Wedding Trends | Sabrina Hall Photography | As seen on

Sabrina Hall Photography

The answer is, it doesn’t. If you want to be more unique or you’re drawn to a specific stone, don’t feel obligated to choose a diamond! There are so many different stones, metals, shapes, and settings for engagement rings – why limit yourself? Be aware that this ring will be an accessory to every outfit you’ll ever wear. You shouldn’t choose a ring because it’s in style now or trending. Choose something that is timeless and reflects your style. See some of our favorite alternatives engagement rings here!

tradition says…rice is thrown for the couple’s exit.

We can’t deny that this tradition is kind of odd. Because rice is common and easily harvested, it is a symbol of fertility and prosperity. By throwing rice at newlyweds, guests wished them good luck on their marriage and future family. Some brides became concerned for the environment and well-being of birds, and some venues banned rice throwing from their premises. This resulted in brides coming up with alternative send-offs.

modern brides say…how can we add some fun?

Modern Wedding Trends | Kelly Pratt Photography | As seen on

Kelly Pratt Photography

Modern Wedding Trends | Lauren Wright Photography | As seen on

Lauren Wright Photography

You can maintain tradition by still have guests throw objects at you – like birdseed or confetti. Most brides, though, like an option that makes for cuter photos. Blowing bubbles, waving ribbon wands, glow sticks, or sparklers, or even spraying silly string on the couples can be some fun ways to make your exit!

Other Trends Modern Brides love

Non-Traditional Cake Cutting

Modern Wedding Trends | Orchard Photography | As seen on

Orchard Photography

A wedding cake is traditionally a large and many-tiered spectacle at the reception. While these cakes are still very prominent in weddings and add a wow-factor for your guests, a lot of couples have taken to other options. Donut walls, cake pops, dessert bars, mini pies, and a variety of cupcake flavors are a few popular alternatives. Mix tradition with modern by having a small cake and a variety of other desserts! That way, you can still smash each other’s faces with cake.

Choreographed First Dance

Modern Wedding Trends | BCR Studios by Brad | As seen on

BCR Studios by Brad

If you want a sentimental moment with your new spouse, there’s nothing wrong with having an intimate and meaningful first dance! But if you want to stand apart from tradition and surprise your guests, consider choreographing your first dance and breaking out your best moves! This can work for the newlyweds or for the father-daughter dance and kicks your reception off right!

Save-the-Date Video

Modern Wedding Trends | Sabrina Hall Photography | As seen on

Sabrina Hall Photography

Instead of sending out the traditional save-the-date postcards, consider a more technological approach. Technology is a huge part of our lives, so why not incorporate it into your wedding? While shooting your engagement photo shoot, hire a videographer to tag along and make an engagement video. This can be along a storyline or can just be a montage of you being a cute couple and posing together. Set to music, end the video with the date of your wedding and a message from the couple!

Your wedding day should be a reflection of you as a couple. If a tradition doesn’t vibe well with your personalities, who’s to say you have to stick to it? This is your day! Personalize every aspect to you and your story – even if that means ditching tradition.


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