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Christmas Cocktails for your Holiday Wedding


Signature drinks are a great way to appease both your guests AND your budget! And when you’re having a winter wedding, there’s no end to the creative mixtures and names you can come up with. Check out a few of our favorites!

Mistletoe mule

Christmas Cocktails | Genevieve Nisly Photography | As seen on

Genevieve Nisly Photography

On a hot summer day, Moscow Mules are refreshing. On a cold winter night, this Mistletoe Mule can taste just like Christmas! Play up the mint by adding a sprig of rosemary, mistletoe, or evergreen and add a bit of festive color with some cranberries. Serve in the traditional copper mug for an easy-to-dance-with drink that keeps your guests moving all night long!

What you’ll need:

  • lime juice
  • vodka
  • ginger beer
  • cranberries and a sprig of mistletoe for garnish


Ebenezer Scrooge himself would enjoy this tasty cocktail! For those Grinch-like Christmas-haters who want a trusty traditional drink, this no-frills-added option is perfect. Plus, you’ll save a ton of money with these limited ingredients – all you need is vodka and orange juice! Can you say Bah yum-bug?!

What you’ll need:

  • orange juice
  • vodka

Santa’s hat

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Erich McVey Photography

This cosmo just got turned on its head…or, Santa’s head more like! Simply ask your bartender to coat the rim of each glass with sugar before whipping up this lip-smacking drink. Your guests are sure to put this drink on their wish list to Santa. Want to dress up this drink with even more holiday spirit? Wrap each stem in red tinsel for a candy cane effect!

What you’ll need:

  • vodka
  • lime juice
  • triple sec
  • cranberry juice
  • garnish with a white sugar rim

White Russian Christmas

You’ll leave your guests dreaming of this White Christmas! Including three of our winter favorites – coffee flavor, milk, and candy canes – this White Russian will delight your tastebuds so much that you won’t even realize there’s alcohol. Exchange regular vodka with peppermint vodka and top with whipped cream and crushed candy cane.

What you’ll need:

  • Kahlua
  • peppermint vodka
  • heavy cream or milk
  • whipped cream and crushed candy canes for garnish

spiked favorites

Christmas Cocktails | Klodt Photography | As seen on

Klodt Photography

If you’d rather just serve wine and beer or want an option that’s great for both kids and adults, having a DIY bar is the perfect solution! Serve hot chocolate or eggnog with options to spice or spike these holiday favorites. Marshmallows, cinnamon spice or sticks, peppermint, and whipped cream are crowd favorites. Or, add a little more with Bailey’s, Kahlua, Rum Chata, and vanilla and peppermint vodka! Just be sure to keep the alcoholic options out of reach of the kids.


Holiday weddings can be tricky. Your guests may have other plans and you may be expected to have a holiday celebration. Featuring festive signature drinks at your reception bar is a great way to incorporate the holiday season and add a customized touch to your guests’ experience. Plus, you’ll save money by omitting the options a full bar provides and supplying only these tasty cocktails, beer, wine, and soft drinks! Don’t forget to ask your bar service if they have any specialty drinks or suggestions, and check out our Pinterest board for more signature drink suggestions.


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