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2019 Wedding Cake Trends


The wedding cake is the centerpiece of the reception. It has to have a wow-factor! While a simple white cake with fresh flowers or uplighting can be stunning, incorporate one or more of these 2019 cake trends to make a lasting impression.


Geometrics can be edgy, retro, modern. They’re perfect for an industrial or rustic venue, minimalist or art deco theme. They can be subtle or dramatic, colorful or neutral, simple or detailed. The geometric lines can stand on their own or be combined with patterns, colors, tiers, and other trends. There are just so many options!

Gold Foil

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Like geometric shapes, gold foil is very diverse. It’s perfect for an edgy, romantic, modern, glamorous, rustic, whimsical, or bohemian wedding. The metallic sheen plays perfectly against any color palette. It’s lines can be clean and straight or tattered and arranged as a work of art. Gold foil is simply edible elegance.


We’re loving the emergence of this new trend. The concrete/cement look has taken over weddings when it comes to decor – from candle holders and vases to tables and signage. It’s neutral gray tones pair well with popular copper accents, colorful flowers, and even dreamy drapery. Contrast the industrial feel with vintage furniture or play up the theme with marble dishware!

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Torn Paper

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Also known as “deckle edged cake,” this trend gets it’s name because it’s rough edges look like antique or ripped paper. The look is created by layering roughly cut fondant or not smoothing out buttercream. Add a bit of texture by airbrushing the edges, and you get one show-stopping cake! Though the frosting is technically “unpolished,” the result is anything but!


We are STUNNED at how gorgeous these black wedding cakes are. Black is not the color that comes to mind when you think of weddings. But there’s no denying that these cakes are elegant and luxurious enough for the occasion. Just be careful that the color doesn’t stain your mouth or bleed onto your dress!

Duos or Trios

A smaller one or two-tiered wedding cake is popular amongst budget-savvy couples. However, they tend to be a bit underwhelming. We think your cake should reflect that this is the most exciting day of your life! If you like the look of a smaller cake, consider having 2 or 3 displays. Each cake can have it’s individual design and style, why maintaining a consistent theme with the others.

Textured Buttercream

With this trend, you on’t have to sacrifice taste or style! After smoothing on a layer of buttercream, your cake artist can create a pattern or texture using a piping bag or stencil. Using coloring and a steady hand, your cake artist can create a stunning design of frosting flowers, ruffles, rosettes, clean or rough lines, deckled edges, and more.

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Just as does every aspect of the wedding, cake trends come and go. It’s hard to keep up with what’s “in,” or predict what will be popular for your wedding. Our advice is to let the trends inspire you, but not confine you. Find a design that you love – regardless of the trends.


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