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The 411 on Photo Booths


If you want your wedding to be extra memorable for your guests, you’ll need more than just a DJ and great food. There are lots of options when it comes to entertaining your guests, but one sure way to make sure that they recall your reception with fond and amusing memories is to have a photo booth!

Why You Should Have a Photo Booth

Candid, Fun, & Spontaneous

Guests in Props | Britani Edwards Photography | As seen on

Britani Edwards Photography

Photo booths are a great way to keep your guests entertained. Spice up your cocktail hour with a photo booth to keep your guests from getting bored!  Tap Snap Photo Entertainment says, “With a photo booth, your wedding guests will have something fun to do – and it’s suitable for guests of all ages!”

Great Keepsakes for You and Your Guests

Most photo booth companies print two copies of the photo strip – one for the guest and one for the bride and groom! This ensures that your guests will have a great keepsake from their wedding that lasts much longer than those chocolate favors and mean more than the customized can koozies. Plus, if you have digital copies of the images, you can share and tag your guests on social media!

Unique Guestbook

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Sabrina Hall Photography

Have your guests print an extra copy of their strip to put in a scrapbook. Ask them to include a sweet message or marriage advice!

Questions to Ask Your Vendor

Is there a limit on the amount of photos taken?

You’ll definitely want to know about any limits the photo booth company has! Could you imagine having your photo booth pack up halfway through the reception because your time is up or you ran out of film?

Will I have digital copies?

It can be so fun to share these images on social media – especially for those of your guests who couldn’t attend. Some guests may not print out a second copy of their image for the bride and groom or a guestbook, so having a digital file ensures that you will see every photo taken.

Do you bring the props?

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Gideon Photography

It’s important to know whether the props are provided or if you’re expected to bring your own. Most companies will provide their own, but you can determine whether you want them to be fun and cooky – like sombreros, sunglasses, thought bubbles, and costume jewelry – or a little more dignified with chalkboard signs or Team Bride and Team Groom signs.

Check out Our Favorite Photo Booth Props.

Will there be an attendant?

An attendant is not always present with your photo booth and isn’t always necessary. However, they can remind your guests to print extra copies, keep the line moving, and make sure that there are no damages or lost items. Plus, if you have any issues with the photo booth, there’s an expert right there to fix it!

What sort of new technologies or package enhancements do you have?

Photo booths are no longer a box with a curtain where you and a friend take 4 photos in the span of 15 seconds. There is so much more to them! Alongside the physical props your company provides, you can also have digital props! With Tap Snap Photo Entertainment, your guests can choose fun backdrops – posing as Duchess Kate and Prince William, or as jungle explorers in the Amazon. “They can also create animated GIFs (4 poses combined to make a short video montage) to bring their party photos to life!” says Tap Snap Photo Entertainment. Instead of a strip, you each guest can print a single 4×6 photo that fits perfectly into a frame!

What kind of backgrounds and customization can I have for my wedding?

Photo Booth | Sabrina Hall Photography | As seen on

Sabrina Hall Photography

There are a ton of different options when it comes to customization! You can add a border to the photos, add your wedding date, and more! “The options for designing the personalized photo strip for your special day are endless. A great photo booth company will work with you to get the perfect look and message on your photo strip for your special day,” says Great Grins Photo Booths.

Photo booths are a great way to add a special and memorable touch to your wedding reception. Plus, they’ll give you and your guests great keepsakes and are perfect for sharing online. There are so many more options and features than the photo booths you remember from middle school. Look into a photo booth company about 6 months in advance so you can secure your date and photo customization!


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