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Reviews: Artistic Photography

10/10 Recommend

“Glenda is absolutely amazing at what she does! She did our engagement photos a few months back and is scheduled to to our wedding photos next year. She makes you laugh, and smile and makes you just want to have fun to where you forget about the camera taking your photos and you focus 100% on your significant other to where some truly heart felt absolutely stunning photos are captured of your love for one another. She had an absolutely amazing turn around time, we had our photos in about a week. She is so helpful, creative, understanding and informative and truly a blessing to work with. 10/10 would recommend for any bride!”

Amber M.
reviewed on 10/16/2019 (wedding on 10/10/2020)


“I honestly cannot say enough good things about Glenda or her style of photography!!! The moment I met Glenda (at the IX bridal show) I knew she was the one I wanted to have as my photographer! I met a lot of photographers along the way but when I saw her work, I honestly just knew! I am ‘that’ bride that had probably somewhere around a thousand pictures saved on her Pinterest board, LOL! For me, pictures were the most important part! It was the one thing that I didn’t want to compromise on, these photos are a beautiful reminder of this one magnificent day that is filled with more love than you even know what to do with! So for me, I needed someone who understood that I wanted to capture all of those moments, along with staging some fun pictures I had seen. My SIL had told me once that the photographer she had for her wedding, was not very receptive to her Pinterest or the pictures she wanted to stage. She basically said that she knew best.. I cannot tell you how elated I was when Glenda asked to see my Pinterest board, she wanted to know what type of pictures I liked, what kind of vibe I had in mind!! She even came out and met with me (I’m about 50 mins away!) a few days before the wedding (in the pouring rain, I might add!) so we could develop a ‘Day Of’ plan as far as locations, timeline, etc. I honestly cannot say enough good things. We had 10 hours of coverage, so she was there for the ENTIRE time. She was extremely personable while being absolutely professional, the entire time! She made it so much fun! I was absolutely stunned by how breathtaking the photos were when I got them back. I knew they were going to be good but they are honestly the most incredible photos! She not only captured our day but she captured the love we have for each other, as crazy as it sounds you can actually feel it through the pictures. They’re incredible! To say I am obsessed with our pictures is an understatement lol. So, thank you a million times over, Glenda! I honestly can’t put into words how much I appreciate everything you did for us and how you captured our perfect day! We will have these pictures to look back on for the rest of our lives and it is all thanks to you.”

Dee Mari S.
married on 10/4/19


“Artistic is Glenda’s first, middle and last name. When it comes to capturing the spirit and essence of the moment, her skill is unmatched. She embraces the ‘love’ she sees through the lens of her camera by revealing the ‘best of you’ through her photography. Her weddings are… breathtakingly beautiful.”

Varonique C.
married 10/13/18


“Glenda has a feel for taking photos that I think many wedding photographers lack. Besides the obligatory family portraits, I barely noticed her there at all. Her photojournalism style captures THE BEST moments. Everything is real and honest. Nothing was posed awkwardly or forced. Glenda is also very much the artistic type. To us, it was easy to handle. Artistic types usually are very much into their job – which is excellent! However, keeping track of time and (sometimes) describing how to adjust a pose is rocky.. She made us comfortable and made me feel beautiful. My Photos look like something out of a Magazine!!!! Thank you Glenda!!!!!”

Linda S.
married 8/10/19


“Glenda did an amazing job with our engagement pictures as well as our wedding day! She did an awesome job of coordinating pictures and not adding more stress to our day! She was perfect! We would absolutely recommend her to anyone!!”

Michael D.
married 6/15/19


“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Glenda! Her creativity and kind heart was such a great addition to our wedding day. Our pictures are wonderful! And I cannot wait to see our album! She was so easy to work with and made our wedding day a breeze. I completely recommend her and will be using her again. She’s an absolute pro!!!”

Erinn D.
married 6/15/19


“When it came down to selecting a wedding photographer for my wedding, I did not know where to begin! My husband and I had wandered through many expos and online reviews trying to decide on our photographer. To tell you the truth, I was not very impressed with very many photographers. Having a background in graphic design, I was big on angles, placement, lighting, and photographs that can tell a story. Most of the photographers work that I came across seemed to be pretty generic and boring, nothing that made their work stand apart . Some have fancier lighting and higher resolution while others did similar things at a more affordable cost. I did not expect much from a photographer at that point and we were ready to allocate an extremely low budget to a photographer. Then, we came across Glenda’s booth at an expo. There was a different quality to her work that made me forget I was looking at a photograph, rather, I was looking at someone’s memory. Every bride wants her day to be out of a story book and for it to be remembered that way. Photos and videos are the best way to save a memory. Glenda’s work not only captured special moments of my day, but did so in such a way that the photos themselves come to life. She is willing to work with you to help you find the best pose and the best location as well. Even my husband, who is usually not great at posing for photos had some great single shots of him as well! If you are looking for a photographer who is enthusiastic about your day and cares about capturing all of your key moments, Glenda is an excellent choice! I believe the name “Artistic Photography” sums up the description pretty well! Artistic is the type of memories you will be getting with Glenda!”

Nicole D.
married 5/18/19


“Glenda is a fantastic photographer! She is the nicest person you’ll ever meet, very creative, fun, and really enjoys and takes pride in her work. My husband and I highly recommend her, you will not be disappointed! :)”

Taylor G.
married 10/13/18


“Glenda was exactly what I was looking for in a photographer and I knew from the first time meeting with her. She was very professional, experienced and personable! She did an amazing job capturing our engagement photos and wedding day. Photos are very sentimental to me and I knew having Glenda would mean we were in great hands.”

Demi K.
married 9/22/18


“Glenda, owner of Artistic Photography by Glenda, is an extremely passionate photographer. Not only did my husband and I get the opportunity to work with her once, but twice. She did the photography for wedding AND our engagement shoot. The amount of time she spends preparing for her shoots is impressive. She even looked into my Pinterest account to recreate the ideas that I loved and let me tell you, she nailed them! Not only did she recreate my ideas but she had plenty ideas of her own as well. She has so much experience and it shows. With the amount of experience Glenda has, my husband and I were immediately able to trust Glenda and know that she would get the shots I was looking for. I am a picture fanatic and thought it would be very difficult to find a photographer. Once we found Glenda, I just knew she was going to be the one. I looked to her for advice on many different things, even including my wedding timeline to make sure I would get the shots I wanted. She offers great packages, I loved the website for our photos, and she listens to you. I can’t forget about her team either because her assistant on our wedding day did a lovely job as well. Glenda is all around a kind, genuine and great person to work with especially for such a great part of your life. I would give her 10 stars if I could!!!!””

Demi O.
married 9/22/18


“Glenda is amazing!! She went above and beyond anything I could have expected. My husband and I are not picture people and she directed us very easily so we could have the poses and outcome we wanted with our photos. She is amazing to work with and very laid back! She also worked with us to accommodate our budget! Highly highly recommended to anyone! My pictures are stunningly beautiful!”

Hillary C.
married 9/14/18


“She is so artistic and creative and brought our special day to life perfectly!”

Julicia T.
married 9/8/18


“After researching local photographers, visitng with many, and always walking away not 100% satisfied with the creativity….I found Glenda! I attended a the Todays bridal show in hopes of finding the perfect photographer. I was so distracted by all of the other things that those bridal shows have to offer that the photos became the last thing on my mind, but when I came upon The Artistic Photography display I knew I struck gold. Glenda was so nice and sweet when I met her and she seemed so passionate about her work. After our meeting with her after the show, we hired her on the spot! The advice and help with preparation up to the wedding was fantastic- she is a true professional! She was AWESOME on our wedding day. She was very considerate to others and got some really creative shots. The perfect pictures I was hoping for- A little tradition with a whole lot of art and creativity! And of course something that not all my friends have, which is the repetitive boring wedding photos you always see. I have gotten so many compliments on my photos as they are on social media, displayed at our family’s houses, and all over our house. I have even received many compliments from my family in Germany who say, “These photos are so nice and so classy. We are so impressed because we don’t have this type of wedding photographer around at an affordable price.” I would recommend Glenda with two thumbs up! I wouldn’t have asked for anything different, and her professionalism and great package options are above the rest!”

Heidi S.
married 9/8/18


“I have to give Glenda and her assistant a 10 star rating if that is at all possible. Glenda is a top notch professional, so experienced in her field! My husband and I found it such a pleasure to work with Glenda. Her kindness, enthusiasm, creativity, attention to detail and her ability to wrangle our crazy crowd and keep us on schedule far surpassed our expectations. We absolutely love our Wedding photos and highly recommend Glenda for your Wedding! Gary and I love you Glenda!!!”

Gail O.
married 7/13/18


“Glenda is a truly passionate and artistic photographer. She can cover all your photography needs and makes you feel at ease while doing so. She is a kindhearted individual who is very passionate about what she does. You can use her services many times over from your engagement to your newborn photos. Through it all she makes you feel at ease through the whole process. Making sure she understands what you want in your photos to helping you plan your timeline so you can have the optimum amount of time to get all the photos you want while still being able to enjoy your time with your family and friends. My engagement and wedding photos turned out better then I could have ever imagined. She has a keen eye for detail with neat tricks up her sleeve to give you the photos you could only dream about. All around a great person to work with.”

Brooke S.
married 6/30/18


“Glenda is absolutely amazing!!! She is so sweet, kind, loves her job, and has such amazing talent!! She photographed my wedding and made it into a fairytale dream!!! Our pictures are the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen! Glenda knows exactly what she is doing, is very organized, and can turn your wedding into the most beautiful memories that you will have for the rest of your life! Her excitement during the photoshoot made me even more excited! I would give her more star ratings if I could! Glenda, thank you for making my wedding the fairytale princess dream I have always wanted! You are the best!!!!!”

Jessica T
married 5/26/18