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The REAL Black Friday Deals

Fact #1: Everyone loves a good deal. Why pay more when you can pay less, right? Fact #2: There are obviously many good deals to be had on Black Friday. (Little Known) Fact #3: There …

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A recap of our October shows!

These one-day events brought to life ideas, trends and important advice found in the pages of Today’s Bride magazine. If you were personally unable to attend one of these fabulous trade shows, here is a recap; think of it as a preview of our upcoming January shows!

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The Facebook Change We Love!

Given all the changesFacebookhas made recently, it’s safe to say the company has left us all with our heads spinning. Amongst all the confusion, however, we have managed to become fans of one of Facebook’s …

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We're on Pinterest!

We’re finally taken the leap and created a Pinterest profile! View our boards at!

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Your Planning Timeline

How to effectively stay on track & on your toes I attended my first “big girl” wedding last summer — it was for one my closest high school friends. The wedding was completely gorgeous and …

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A recap of our January shows!

As promised, we’ve put together a video recap of our January shows — which took place the past two weekends at the John S. Knight Center in Akron and the I-X Center in Cleveland, respectively. …

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See you at the show!

The van is loaded, and our checklist is complete! We’re officially ready to start setting up for the bridal show!!! And you’re invited to join us for the big day! The details: Sunday, January 8, …

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