b'FLOWERS LoveBLOOMSQUESTIONS TO ASKWith the different varieties and colors, choosing just one bou-quet to fit your style and theme is nearly impossible! Choosing theright Floristwillensurethatyourflowersareconsistent, in-season, and exactly how you imagined.YES NO1. When do I need to order fl wers?2. Do you have a portfolio?3. How long have you been doing weddings? 4. What flo al decor options do you offer?Vases Candle HoldersCeremony Arches Cake Centerpieces Pedestals CrownOther: 5. Do you work with:Fresh Flowers Silk Flowers 6. What kind of fl wers do you recommend? 7. What is your substitution policy? 8. Is there a charge for delivery?Fee: 9. Who will set up the day of my wedding? 10. Will you stay at the ceremony to arrangeand distribute the fl wers?11. Will you transport between the venues?12. When do decor items need to be returned? 13. What is your policy for lost/damaged items?14. Do you do flo al preservation? 15. When should I preserve my bouquet?NOTESCarly by Carly Romeo and CoDon\'t forget to ask the general questions on page 6100 | TODAY\'S BRIDE3-8 MONTHS UNTIL "I DO"100'