b'FLOWERS Flowers by SeasonOne way to save money on your wedding is to request fl wers that are in-season. No matter when you get married, there is a widevariety of gorgeous fl wers to choose from. Even if your favorite fl w-er isnt in season, you can still have it in your bouquet! It just may cost a little more. Here are a few of our favorite stems thatare available and budgetfriendly for each season!Sunflower Tulip Zinnia Peony AsterRanunculusRanunculus LilacDelphiniumLisianthusCalla LilyCalla Lily Lisianthus SpringSummerCarnation Cosmos GardeniaAsiatic LilyOrchidDahliaLily ChrysanthemumCamelliaDelphiniumAnemone Fall WinterBest and Worst Flowers for AllergieNobridewantstobesnifflingBest: Dahlias throughhervowsorsneezingallWorst: Chrysanthemumsover the cake during the cutting. If yousufferfromallergies,youllBest: Tulips wanttostayawayfromflowersWorst: Asiatic lilies with a strong aroma and those thatBest: Hydrangeas are more apt to carry pollenwhichWorst: HyacinthwillnotonlyaffectyourallergiesBest: Calla Lilies butwillalsoattractmorebugs.Worst: FreesiaThough you should ask your florist forrecommendationsofwhichBest: Orchids flowers to avoid, heres a list of theWorst: Daisiesbest and worst flowers for allergy-sufferers.102 | TODAY\'S BRIDE3-8 MONTHS UNTIL "I DO" 102'