b'DECORDecor Sabrina Hall Photography PLANNINGHow do I choose a theme/style? it; Whenconsideringatheme,trynottooverthink instead, choose something that you and your partner YOUR DECOR both love in everyday life. Do you travel often? Think about using a map for your seating chart. If you choose not to have a theme, your wedding can center around a color scheme. To choose your colors, its important to know which season youll be getting married in. Bright, vibrant colors are great for summer, pastels are perfect for spring, neutrals work well for fall, and winter is perfect for muted shades.Fred Bolge Lux WeddingHow much pinning is too much? use rental companies as a source for ideas. Renting The best way to avoid getting overwhelmed by all yourmaterials gives you access to the latest styles in decor, ideas is to set a date when youll stop looking for decortable settings, linens, chair covers, and more!inspiration. Before deciding whether or not to incorpo-rate a piece into your wedding, ask yourself these twoHow can I pinch penniesquestions: Does this item make me excited or happy?while still making a big impact? Does it match the overall theme of my wedding? IfFirst, pick a venue that already has a chic ambiance of either of these answers is no then move on.its own. When visiting, be sure to take in the details. Should I rent or buy decor? Towering pillars, fine Persian rugs on the floors, or an Were huge supporters of renting decor! Not only isamazing crystal chandelier as the rooms focal point renting often a more economical and sustainable solu- will add something extra to your reception.tion, it also helps eliminate hours of searching, stress,Youll also want to invest in elements that will have and potential storage issues. And lets be realare allthe biggest impact. Dramatic uplighting, a dance floor 50 of those vintage lanterns or geometric centerpiecesgobo, or a flower chandelier are sure to set the scene going to do anything besides collect dust? You can alsoand create the effect you want.106 | TODAY\'S BRIDE3-8 MONTHS UNTIL "I DO" 106'