b'LMAC LIGHTINGPhotographyQUESTIONSOH Snap!S OH Snap!lightingPhotography PhotographyTO A KFrom a dimly lit, romantic feel to a bright and colorful disco, theThe lighting design you choose will shape your event and set the right tone lighting will create the perfect atmosphere for your celebration. like no other element there. No matter what your theme, weve come up with YES NO an option to light your venue and keep the party going, even after dark! 1. What kind of lighting options do you offer? Chandeliers Edison Bulbs Chandeliers can add an air of class andAn Edison light bulb is transparent with elegance to any venue. For a whimsical,visible winding filaments. They may be romanticfeel,drapefabric,greenery,uniquely-shaped or have an antique tint 2. Will you help with the design options? flowers, or crystals from the chandelier.to the glass. Hang bulbs individually orYoucouldalsocollectchandeliersofin a bundle. The vintage tone will cast an 3. Can you match the lighting to our colors?different sizes, metals, bulbs, and stylesinviting and warm hue at your reception. to create an eclectic space. Neon signs4. Have you worked at my venue before?Candles Thismodernandedgylightingoption 5.Will you visit my venue to get some ideas?Candlesaretheultimatemoodlight- willmakeyourweddingspacetruly ing.Theflickeringflamecreatesaunique! Hang Cheers on the bar, Best 6. What kind of requirements do you needwarm,cozy,romanticambiance.Com-Day Ever above your head table, or get from my venue?bine shapes, sizes, and heights for a cen- your new last name in lights for home terpiece, use them to light up your cakedecor after the wedding!7. Do you own your own equipment?table, or place them along the aisle of Uplightingyour ceremony! Use candles that are fra-8. How much space do you need? grance-free so you dont create an over- Truetotheirname,theselightsarewhelmingly perfumed environment. directed upward, highlighting walls, pil-9. How do you hide cables?lars, cakes, centerpieces, and more. You Lanterns can even place them under tablecloths, Hang antique lanterns at different levelscurtains, and drapery to add a colorful NOTESto create an enchanting ceiling display,glow. These lights come in a variety of or line the path to your venue with vin- colors so you can choose a look that com-tage or paper lanterns to guide the way.plements your color scheme or venue.You can even have a helium paper lan-tern release at your reception departure!Gobo LightsBistro Lighting Gobo lights are stencils put over a spot-Bistro lighting is a favorite at weddingslight that can be projected onto floors, becauseofitsversatility!Stringthemwalls, ceilings, or even fabric. Create a above your venue space or dance floor.custom monogram of your name to light Hang them from your table or wall andup the wall behind the head table or pro-cover with fabric for a muted backdrop.ject a design onto the dance floor! Wrap them around trees or pillars. TheConsult with an expert to get their ideas Don\'t forget to ask the general questions on page 6 possibilities are endless! of what works best at your venue.108 | TODAY\'S BRIDE3-8 MONTHS UNTIL "I DO" 108'