b'How bigCAKESof acake do 10 GUESTSI need? 6" 10 TOTAL SERVINGSQUESTIONS TO ASK8" +12-14 GUESTS From layers of heavenly flavors to crumbly cookies, your sweet 22-24 TOTAL SERVINGSconfections are sure to leave your guests satisfi d.10" +24-26 GUESTS YES NO46-48 TOTAL SERVINGS1. Do you have a cake portfolio? 12" +38-40 GUESTS 2. Are your designs customizable? 84-86 TOTAL SERVINGS 3. Can you match my colors?14" +54-56 GUESTS 4. What fl vors do you offer? 138-142 TOTAL SERVINGS5. Can I do a taste test of the fl vors? If youre trying to make a grand statement with a tall cake by adding fakeFee:layers of styrofoam, youll be disappointed to find out that the cost isnt6. How far in advance are the cakes prepared?all that much cheaper! Opt for a layer of cake instead - its always better 7. Do you provide cake-cutting services? to have too much than not enough. Fee:8. Are cakes charged by the slice or tier? Slice Tier Anna Delores Photography Glasser Images Britani EdwardsPhotography9. Do you offer cake accessories? Cake Topper Knife 10. Do you offer other options? CookiesPastriesCupcakes Cake PopsOther 11. Can you provide a box/wrapping for the top tier of the cake? 12. When do I need to order?Sweet 13. Is there a delivery or set-up charge? Fee:Treats14. When will the cake be delivered/set up? Although you might choose to serve these confectionery favorites in addition to a more traditional wedding cake,15. Are you familiar with my venue? these desserts can also stand alone.NOTESCupcakes or Cake PopsAdorable, customizable, and so much fun to eat, miniature cakes are the perfect compromise of tradition and originality.DonutsWho doesnt love a fluffy glazed donut? This universally loved treat is the perfect party favor and can be stacked in a tier to resemble a cake. MacaronsMacarons are a tasty treat that will satisfy any sweet tooth! With an array of flavorsranging from tart lemon to sweet raspberry to rich tiramisuyou\'ll want to have plenty of these, as your guests wont be able to get enough!Candy or Mini-Dessert Table Whether you display an array of your favorite candy, offer up mini cheesecake bites, or serve a combination of the two, these scrumptious desserts are sure to be a hit with your guests. Assortment of PiesPies could very well be the comfort food of the dessert realm. In fact, its quite possible your guests wont remember cake was even an option once they get theirDon\'t forget to ask the general questions on page 6hands on a slice of apple crumb pie!READ MORE AT TODAYSBRIDE.COM | 113112 113'