b'CAKESStudio40six Madisons on MainLima Cakes Turquoise Squirrel Patisserie Kevin Paul Photography A piece of cake!Shannon Bond Cake Design ML PhotographyTurquoise Squirrel Patisserie Kristine HermanDanielle Harris Cotswold Cake Kitchen Photography PhotographyWHAT IS THAT FROSTING?The cake is one aspect of your wedding that guests willanticipate both seeing and tasting! Make sure you choose the right frosting for your design and taste. Heres our take on the difference between wedding cake frostings: FondantThismodeling-clay-lik efrostinghasathick consisten-cy but a smooth finish. Its typically used to create fancier designs, figurines, and flowers.ButtercreamButtercream is a more common frosting with a creamy and rich fl vor. You can texturize the buttercream for a dramatic finish or smooth it outor clean lines. MarzipanThisfrostingissimilartofondantexceptthatitis made with almond paste. This paste gives it more elasticity and a nutty fl vor.Fred BolgeLux Wedding Shannon BondCake Design116 |TODAYS BRIDE3-8 MONTHS UNTIL I DO116'