b'BRIDAL SHOWERSHow1. Who should plan and host the bridal shower? bridal registryMuch A. Maid-of-Honor & Bridesmaids Shopping for giftsB. Mother-of-the-BrideDo YouC. The Bride ou have the bridal shower? Atthispoint,yourweddingregistry Know2. When should y shouldbeavailableandupdatedforA. A month before the wedding bridal shower guests to access. We rec-ommend going to at least three differ-AboutB. 3 months before the wedding ent stores to register, but no more than C. A week before the wedding six. Shopping for your home can be an Bridal3. Where should you have the bridal shower? exciting experience to share with your fianc, but it should be catered to what you need. If you already have new pots A. A restaurant, winery, banquet hall, or golf clubShowers? B. An outdoor theater, park, garden, or estate andpansandmicrofibertowelsbut want a Bluetooth speaker or Wine of the C. A family member or friends house Month subscription, then register for the items you need and want, not whats D. Any of the above expected of you. Some stores may re-4. When do invitations to the bridal shower get sent? quireastoreassociatetoaccompany you to offer ideas and suggestions. Take A. 3 months before the shower advantage of their knowledge by asking B. Create a Facebook event a few days before the shower about quality brands and warranties. C. 6-8 weeks before the shower Its considerate to include items of dif-ferent price ranges on your registry so guests can choose a gift within their 5. Who gets invited to the bridal shower?A. Females only budget.Ifyouandyourfianc alreadylivetogetherand B. Friends and family of both the bride and groom have the necessities to buildC. Anyone who isnt invited to the wedding your dream home, you mayANSWERS: wanttoconsiderhavinga 1. A2. B 3. D 4. C5. B honeymoon registry. This is a great option where guests Bridal showers are one of the few aspects of a wedding that the couple doesnt need tocan gift you with room en-plan. Hand the reigns over to your wedding party along with your guest list and dates thathancements, excursions, work for you. Then, let them take over! Remember: you should NEVER include anyone onor spending money!your bridal shower guest list who may not be invited to the wedding. Otherwise, feel free to invite colleagues and sorority sisters, and anyone male or female. You could even make it a co-ed celebration and invite your Groom and Groomsmen to attend!122 | TODAY\'S BRIDE 0-3 MONTHS UNTIL "I DO" 122'