b'Planning the BACHELORETTE PARTYWant to plan something different than the typical bar crawl?Take this quiz for alternative bach parties everyone will enjoy!1. How would thebride spend a Friday night?A. At a bar or concert - 1ptB. At home binge-watching the latest Netflix hit - 2ptC. Spending time withfamily - 3ptD. A bonfire with friends - 4pt 2. Which group is the5-7pts bride closest to? City Sightseeing A. Her mom, sisters, &family - 3ptB. Her high school BFFS - 2ptC. Her work friends - 1ptD. Her college group - 4pt3. Whats your budget? A. No more than $150per person - 3pt B. $150-$300 per person - 4pt C. Moneys no issue - 1pt 8-11ptsD. Each person can spendSpa Day + Slumber Party what theyre comfortable with - 2pt4. What gift will you get the bride?A. Lingerie - 2ptB. An excursion or room up- grade for her honeymoon- 4ptC. A beauty subscriptionbox - 1ptD. A personalized photo 12-15pts Glamping/Adult Camp album - 3pt5. How long do youwant the bachelo-rette party to last?A. A day-long event - 2ptB. Overnight - 3ptC. 2-3 nights - 1pt D. 4+ nights - 4ptTOTAL: 16-20ptsBeach GetawayREAD MORE AT TODAYSBRIDE.COM | 123122 123'