b'VOWS VOW TEMPLATE, from the day I met you I knew .YOUR PARTNERS NAME FUN FACT ABOUT YOUR FIANCThe more I got to know you and yourways, the more ADJECTIVEVowsIrealized. DIFFERENT FUN FACT ABOUT YOUR FIANCwriting your Youarethemost,and ADJECTIVE ADJECTIVE ADJECTIVEpersonIhaveevermet.Youbringoutallmybestqualities, and that is why I couldnt imagine my life without you. I promise Sabrina Hall Photography to always be,, and. ADJECTIVE ADJECTIVE ADJECTIVEI promise to stand by your side and support PARTNER\'S INTEREST1.Write down a list of words that immediately come to mindand even . I promise to love you unconditionally when you think about your partner. Use those words as inspiration when you get stuck. PARTNER\'S GOOFY INTERESTand without hesitation, even when you.2. Dont take it too seriously or stress out about making itFUNNY THING YOUR PARTNER DOES perfect. They should reflect your relationship! Working tooBut above all, I promise to choose you every day of our lives. hard to find the perfect adjective or making your words sound poetic will come across as insincere, so just speakI can\'t waitto build a family and a(n) home where from your heart! ADJECTIVE3. If you get stuck, walk away from it to clear your head. ourchild(ren)willlearnwhat ADJECTIVE andADJECTIVE 4. Practice makes perfect! Read your vows out loud at leastreally look like. You make me feel, and I cant 3 times to make sure it sounds smooth but not rehearsedEMOTIONand that youre not talking too fast.wait to feel that way for the rest of my life. 124 | TODAY\'S BRIDE 0-3 MONTHS UNTIL "I DO" 124'