b'GUEST ACCOMMODATIONSWITH GUESTACCOMMODATIONSIf youre expecting out-of-town guestsmanyout-of-townguestsyouhave to attend your wedding, youll need toand divide it in half. If that seems like book a block of hotel rooms for theira small number, consider that some overnight stays. Reserving a block ofguests may make other arrangements rooms doesnt mean that youll have aor decide to drive home.specific area for your guests to stay; itAsk yourhotelaboutanyameni-simply means that you have reserved atiestheyhavelik ecomplimentary set number of rooms at agreed uponbrunch,shuttleservice,orwelcome rates for your guests to book. bag deliveries. Its considerate to leave You will want to look for hotels that a goodie bag in each guest room. They offer Open/Courtesy Blocks. This meanscan be filled with local sweets, toilet-thatyouwonthavetopayupfrontries,orweddingweek endnecessi-and wont be charged for any unusedties!Mostimportantly,doublecheckrooms. Start out by booking a smallerthat everything youve agreed upon is number and adding more as you go. Aon your contract and ask about their typical rule of thumb is to count howcancellation policy before signing.Start your search for the perfect Guest Accommodations on page 42.QUESTIONS TO ASKExtend your out-of-town guests visit by asking these questions and re-serving nearby guest accommodations.YES NO 1.How early should I block hotel rooms?2. What is the minimum that I can block? 3.How much do the rooms cost?4.What does the rate include?5.When do you release the rooms? 6. Do we have to pay for unused rooms? 7. Can we put gift bags in our guests rooms? 8. Do you have a honeymoon suite? 9. Do you provide a shuttle? Ceremony SiteReception SiteAirport 10. What amenities do you offer?NOTESDon\'t forget to ask the general questions on page 6126 | TODAY\'S BRIDE 0-3 MONTHS UNTIL "I DO" 126'