b'WEDDING PLANNERPlannersWEDDINGdo you need a wedding planner?1. Do you have a busy schedule?2. Do you like to save money?3. Do you hate stress?If you saidYesto any of theseYes questions, you should reallyconsider hiring a Wedding Planner!Planning a wedding is stressful. Finding and meeting Financial Advisor ence to make sure no detail is overlooked. with vendors, staying on top of payments, mastering WeddingPlannershaveyearsofexpe- They know the latest wedding trends, eti-rience.Fromthenumerousweddingsquette and tradition, what works and what DIY decor, and dealing with family drama is a full-time job!theyve planned, theyve met various localdoesnt, and will ensure that your wedding If you could use some help, advice, or guidance, you mayvendorstoconnectyouwith.Whethervision is made a reality. youre trying to stay on budget, are look-want to hire a Wedding Planner. Just check out some ing for a specific style, or want the bestStress Relieverof the roles they can play! of the best, your Wedding Planner will beYour wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime able to recommend some vendors. Theyevent. You want to be relaxed, excited, and may even be able to get you discounts,fully present on your wedding daynot help you avoid costly mistakes, and adviserushingaroundperfectingfinaldetails QUESTIONS TO ASK you on budgeting. and taking calls from your caterer! Like-wise, hiring a Wedding Planner will give Fairy Godmother you free time to appreciate your engage-YES NO Youhavemoreimportantthingstodomentinsteadofstressingovernapkin thannegotiatepackageswithvendors.colors or menu options. Plus, he or she 1. How long have you been planning events?You have a full-time job, a home to takewill ensure that everything gets done on care of, a social life to uphold, and a fianctimeandaccordingtoyourvision,will 2. How many weddings do you plan per year?to adore. Planning your special day is yourhandle any crises, and will keep you and Wedding Planners full-time job! They willyour wedding party on schedule on the 3. Do you have a portfolio and references?dedicate all their time, ideas, and experi- wedding day. 4. Can you negotiate rates with my vendors? PLANNING PACKAGES 5. Will you handle all aspect of the planning? Full-Service Partial Day-Of Power Hour6. What kind of packages do you offer?Initial consultation Full-Service Partial Day Day-Of Power Hour Idea generation Budget creation7. How often will we talk/meet? Vendor suggestions8.Will you be there the day-of? Site toursVendor selectionNOTESContracting Available for questionsEtiquette knowledgeTimeline developmentVendor confirmationDirection of the rehearsal Distribution of timelineDay-of coordination Don\'t forget to ask the general questions on page 6 *packages vary by company12 | TODAY\'S BRIDE +12 MONTHS UNTIL "I DO" 12'