b"Find your Style BRIDAL ATTIREThis chart will give you an idea of what silhouettes to look at when shopping!If you love a style outside of your results, try it on anyway. It's your wedding day!Square Triangle HourglassInverted Triangle CircleBALLGOWN A-LINE SHEATH EMPIREBALLGOWN A-LINE EMPIREBALLGOWN A-LINE SHEATH EMPIRE MERMAIDBALLGOWN A-LINE EMPIRE MERMAIDDressThe Dress BALLGOWN A-LINE EMPIRE N GSHOPPIshopping listJacket/WrapHair Accessories (veil, tiara, etc.) ShoesUnderwear/Shapewear Heel InsertsBra ClutchSlipsNecklaceEarrings Bracelet Garter x2(1 to keep, 1 to toss)READ MORE AT TODAYSBRIDE.COM| 1514 15"