b'Casablanca BridalBRIDAL ATTIREStyle 2359 ClaraAvailable atAbbott\'s Bridal & FormalwearEnchanting byMon CheriStyle 119120 Availableat The WinnerYouve probably spent at least one afternoon binge-watchingamarathonof"SayYesto theDress"andfeelfullypreparedforyour dress shopping appointment. However, your scheduledappointmenttimewillfly by quickly, and the last thing you want is to leave thestoredisappointed,discouraged,and empty handed. We have a few tips to prepare you for this experience and ensure you findthe dress of your dreams!Start looking 12+ monthsbefore your wedding day.Maggie SotteroIt generally takes six months to receive your gownStyle Luanneandyoushouldallowforatleasttwofittings toAvailable atLavender Bridal ensure a perfect fit. However, allowing too muchSalontime between falling in love with your gown and walking down the aisle in it can lead to questioning yourdecision,FOMO,andnervesaboutitfittingproperly. Twelve months will allow for enough time tofind thegown,haveitordered,shipped,and fit ed.Limit your storeselection to two or three. If you try to stop by every bridal shop in the area, youll end up forgetting which dresses you tried on, which dresses you loved, where you want to return, etc.Researchbeforehandtochooseshopsthat offer different designers. This will make it easier to remember which store had the dress you loved and will allow you to see different styles rather than the same dress again and again.Bring heels similar inheight to your wedding shoes.Essense of If you find the dress, the Consultant and alterationsAustralia staffwilltak eyourmeasurementstoorderyour Style D2186 Available at gown.ItsimportanttowearshoessimilarinDoreen Leaf height to your wedding shoes so there are minimalDesignsalterationchangestobemadewhenthedress arrives.Wear nude underwearand a strapless bra.Remember, you will have a Consultant who will help you get dressed. If you dont want to be completely exposed, we recommend wearing a full coverage underwear and a strapless bra to the salon. They also have the least amount of padding, and since some of the dresses come with built-in padding, it will give you the best idea of how the dress will look and feel on your wedding day. Avoid wearing any bright colored underwear. It may show through the gown, ruining the impression of a dress you may have loved. READ MORE AT TODAYSBRIDE.COM| 1716 17'