b'MGNY MorileeMontageMOTHER-OFATTIREStyle 72031 Mon Cheri Cameron Blake Available at Style 119933 Style 219688 Vera\'s Ladies Available at Available atApparel Abbott\'s BridalVera\'s Ladies & Formalwear ApparelCameron Blake Style 219683 Available atAbbott\'s Bridal & FormalwearSHOPPING FORMoms are there for so much: to ease your child\'s tears on the firstday of kindergarten, to slap a Band-Aid on that bruised knee, to remind themMOTHER-OF CHECKLISTthat their homework still isnt done, and of course, to celebrate with them. And at this stage, youre there to celebrate one of lifes biggestAs a mom, youve already mastered the most important skills occasions: your son or daughters wedding day! needed during the wedding planning process: to be a warm Choosing a Color listener, chief cheerleader, and a source of support for your son When looking for a dress for the wedding, youll want to choose a color thator daughter. Though you will be there to help the couple make is similar to the wedding party, but doesnt match exactly. For example, if thedecisions every step of the way, there are a few tasks youll be bridesmaids are wearing lavender, you can accent them with a plum gown. Youresponsible for.should also keep in mind the location, time of day, and formality of the wed- MOTHER-OF-THE-BRIDE:BOTH: ding itself. For formal, elegant celebrations, you should avoid colors like ivory, champagne, black, or red and wear a long gown. For a more casual, outdoor Helpplan,host,andpayforAssist in communicating with get-together, bright colors and fun prints on a tea or knee length dress are per- the engagement party. vendors. fectly acceptable! Helpfind theweddingdressHelp book hotel blocks forCoordinating Outfit of her dreams, as well as otherguests.Typically, the mother-of-the-bride picks out her dress first, setting the tone forwedding attire & accessories. \x07 spreadthewordabout Help what the mother-of-the-groom will wear. You and your future in-law dont havePossibly escort the bride downwhere the couple is registered.\x07to match, but you should make sure your looks dont clash, either. Be sure totheaisleandparticipatein Discusstheweddingbudget discuss sleeve and hem lengths, necklines, colors, and styles with each other\x07before shopping. If you already get along well, you may even want to go shop- otherpartsoftheceremony,withthecouple,including ping together!such as unity ceremonies. what you are willing to pay for and the ideal total number of Where to Shop Act as hostess at the wedding Now that youve got an idea in your head of what to look for, its time to shop!and reception, ensuring guestsguests.Plan to visit department stores, special occasion shops, and bridal shops. If aare comfortable.Draw up the guest list for your \x07bridal shop doesnt sell mother-of gowns, look at the bridesmaid dresses theyside of the family.Stand in the receiving line and carry! Often times, these double perfectly as a mother-of gown without forcingmake sure the bride has greet- Helpcallanyofyourguests you to look or feel matronly. If you finda dress you love that needs to be ordered\x07ed all her guests. who have not responded.in a different size or color, we recommend doing so no later than 3-5 months before the wedding. MOTHER-OF-THE-GROOM:\x07\x07 bride\'smotherchooses The Your childs wedding day may be just as big of a moment for you as it isHelpplan,host,andpayforherdressfirst, thenshare detailsaboutthedresswith for them. All of your hard work at raising a wonderful person has paidthe rehearsal dinner.off, and theyre ready to start a family of their own. Take pride in yourParticipate in parts of the cer- the mother-of-the-groom.\x07accomplishment by finding a dress that will sh wcase your beauty!emony, such as unity ceremo-nies, when needed.24 | TODAY\'S BRIDE +12 MONTHS UNTIL "I DO" 24'