b'MorileeBRIDESMAIDSStyle 21574Available atAbbott\'s Bridal& FormalAllure BridalStyle 1654 Available at AmericanCommodore Dress ShoppeChristina Wu Style 22924Available atAmericanCommodore Sorella VitaDress Shoppe Style 8922 Available atLavender Bridal SalonQUESTIONS TO ASK Should _______(FILL IN NAME)Mostlik ely,yourbridesmaidsarespendingalotofmoney be aBridesmaid? on these dresses! Make sure they know what theyre payingfor and what they should expect by asking these important questions. It can be really hard to choose who should be a bridesmaid, and sometimes you just can\'t decide! This quiz will help you determine YES NO which of your friends are bridesmaid-worthy.1. How long does it take to ship a dress? 1.How long have 5. Does she get along you known her? with the other2. Can bridesmaid dresses be altered in house? A. Weve been best bridesmaids?friends forever. - 3ptA. Not all of them.- 1pt3. How many fittings will th y have? B. Shes friends B. Yeah, shes very likeable. - 3pt with my fian . - 1ptC. No, but she wouldn\'t 4. Will the dresses be pressed before pick-up? C.We are family. - 2pt cause drama. - 2pt 5. Do you offer a discount to my2.When was the last 6. Do you see yourselfbridesmaids if I buy my dress from you? time you hung out? being friends with A. Sometime in the her 5 years from now? past 12 months. - 1pt A. Absolutely! - 3ptNOTESB. We dont hangout, but weB.We\'ve growntalk all the time.- 2pt apart already. - 1ptC.We hangout almost C. Im sure well still every week.- 3pt be in touch. - 2pt3. Shes most likely to. A. cancel plans. - 1pt TOTAL:B. be on time, if not early. - 3ptC. show up late. - 2pt 13-18 Points 4.Will your friendship YES! suffer if you don\'t This person is an obviousask her? bridesmaid.A. She would be so upset. - 3pt 6-12 PointsB. I really dont thinkNO.she would mind. - 2ptExtend an invite to the wedding C. Shed probablybut not as a bridesmaid. Don\'t forget to ask the general questions on page 6 be relieved. - 1pt28 | TODAY\'S BRIDE +12 MONTHS UNTIL "I DO" 28'