b"BRIDESMAIDS For your maidsBeing asked to be a bridesmaid is a huge honor but also a massive Christina Wucommitment. A lot of time, money, and patience are requiredStyle 22783 Available atto make your best friends wedding absolutely perfectnot toDoreen Leaf Designs mention all the responsibilities! Here are just a few things you should be prepared to tackle as a dutiful bridesmaid.Planningandhosting parties. The bridal party is in charge ofplanningandthrowingboththebridalshowerandthebachelor-ette party. This means you should brainstorm game ideas, research Allure Bridallocations, help decorate, assist with hosting duties, and chip in on the Allure BridalStyle 1566costs of decor, food, and prizes. Style 1566Available at Available atAmerican AmericanCommodore The bride may ask you to help CommodoreDress Shoppe Shopping for bridesmaid dresses. Dress Shoppe hernarrowdownorchoosebridesmaiddresses.Shevaluesyour opinion, so dont be afraid to let her know your thoughts about silhou-ette, color, and budget. Tread lightly, though. Ultimately, the decision is the brides, not yours.Helping thebridewith planning tasks.Though this may not beasked of you, you should be prepared and willing to help the bride with any wedding planning tasks, like attending wedding dress shopping Christina Wu Christina Wutrips and fittings, and helping with a y DIY projects.Style 22889Style Style 22889Available at LavenderAvailable at Lavender Bridal Salon Bridal Salon Attending pre-wedding events.These include: engagement party, shopping trips, bridal shower, bachelorette party, ceremony rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner.Being a bridesmaid is a huge time commitment, but you should try your best to appear at each event.\x07 Keeping thebridesane. Asthebridesbestfriend,youregoingtohavetodealwithsomebridezillamoments.Listeningtosome screamingorcomfortinganinconsolablebrideispartofthejob description, and its your responsibility to step in and make sure the bride remembers what really mattersmarrying her fian . Bridesmaid's Day-Of Checklist:DressMini Perfume SprayShoesPhoto of Desired Hairstyle Heel Inserts Hairspray Band-Aids Bobby Pins JewelryLint Roller A ClutchNail Clippers & Emery Board UndergarmentsCompact Mirror Double-Stick Tape Hand Sanitizer & Lotion Small Sewing KitBreath MintsInstant Stain RemoverMedicine Loose Tank Top Feminine Products or Button-Up ShirtMini Water Bottles MakeupA Small Snack Hair Tools Mini UmbrellaTissues & Makeup Your Wedding Gift or Card Remover WipesPrinted ItinerarySorella Vita Contact Solution/Eye Drops MorileeStyle 9064Copy of Your Speech Style 21601 Available atDeodorantAvailable at Doreen LeafPhone Charger The Winner DesignsMore bridesmaid information is available on TodaysBride.com/maids. 30"