b'CEREMONYQUESTIONS TO ASKMak esurethateverydetailofyourceremonyisplannedandexecutedtounforgettableperfectionbyask ingtheseimportant questions.Officiants YES NO1.Will you give a speech/sermon?2.Will we be able to read it before the ceremony?3. Can we choose the readings? 4. Will you perform the marriage at our venue? Ceremony 5. Do you have sample vow wordings? YES NO PLANNING YOUR Sabrina Hall Photography 6. Do you require pre-marital counseling? 7. Will you attend the rehearsal?Ceremony Venue:1. May we bring in our own Officiant?2. Do you have a bridal suite? 3. Are there any restrictions for decorations, vendors, or music? 4. Is there a dress code?Know the guidelines before buying your dress.Ceremony Musicians: YES NO1. Can I choose my songs?2. What instrumentsdo you offer?3.Will you be the performer the day-of?Chelsea Anderson Photography4. How far in advance should I book? OH Snap! PhotographyNOTESDon\'t forget to ask the general questions on page 634 | TODAY\'S BRIDE +12 MONTHS UNTIL "I DO" 34'