b'CATERING1.Not having a budget in mind.5.Too much food at the cocktail hour. Your caterer should be able to work withServe a limited amount of appetizers so you to come up with a menu that pleasesthat guests dont ruin their appetites for your taste buds and your budget. dinner. 2. Thinking a buffet is cheaper.6.Requesting out-of-season dishes. With a seated meal, there is a set amountOrdering side dishes or ingredients that of food prepared and served; you are onlyarentin-seasoncandosomemajor charged for those meals. With a buffet,damage to your budget. caterers often cook too much food and7.Ordering too much dessert.welcome guests to seconds, which can cost you more money. Noteveryguestwilleatcak e,butwerecommend ordering at least one piece 3.Not thinking about the kids.of cake for each guest. If you opt to haveOffer options like mac and cheese, chick- a dessert station with cookies, cupcakes, en tenders, or pizza to satisfy the childrencandies, and other treats, you can offer at your wedding (and their parents). less cake. 4.Not offering a fillingegetarian dish. 8.Not planning for leftovers. YourRSVPshouldincludeaspaceforAsk yourcatereriftheyreresponsible gueststomark anydietaryrestrictionsfor disposing of the extra food. If youve they have. Be sure to offer at least onealready paid for it, you should take advan-dish that isnt meat-based. Serving souptage of the extra food by passing out any or pasta will fillup your vegetarian guestsleftovers to your guests, wedding party, Gideon Photographywithout breaking the budget.donating it, or freezing it for yourself. READ MORE AT TODAYSBRIDE.COM | 5150 51'