b'BAR SERVICE Cheers!CheersCheersTO BAR SERVICE Fred BolgeLux WeddingErich McveySabrina HallGideon Krista A Jones Photography Photography PhotographyPhotographyQUESTIONS TO ASK How long should service be available? water, soda, and tea. Try mixing things Be sure to arrange for bar service thatupwithamocktail!Pinklemonade There are a lot of variables and unknowns when it comes to barlasts as long as the reception itself (thespritzer, dry pomegranate cosmos, and service. What drink options should be provided? Who will beaverageweddingreceptionlastsbe- virgin daiquiris are all great options to providing them? Is alcohol allowed at your venue? Will you havetween four to six hours). Customarily,offer your guests!a champagne toast for everyone, or just the wedding party?the bar will close during dinner service,How much alcohol do I need?which will save you money. Alcohol ser-YES NO vice should end an hour before the endRememberthatonlyyourgueststhat of your reception, but you should makeare 21 or older will be drinking alcohol 1.How will we be charged? Glass Bottle Otherprovisions for non-alcoholic beveragesand that each guest will have on aver- to be served until the reception is over. age 1 drink per hour. If youre having 100 2. Do you offer top-shelf liquor? What are my drink options? guests over the age of 21, you can as-sume that 50% of them will drink wine, 3. Will extras be refunded? Youcanchoosetohaveafullbaror20% will drink beer, and 30% will havesimply serve wine and beer as a moreliquor of some kind. These numbers are 4. If no, can we take home the extras? cost-effective option. If you want to in- flexible,though,andvarydepending 5.Is there a corkage charge?clude liquor as an option but dont wanton your guests preferences. Once you the cost of a full bar, consider a signaturehave your final guest list, use the calcu-Corkage is a fee to open wine that you supply. cocktail! If youre holding a dry wedding,lator on page 53 to find out how much 6. How many bartenders will there be?youcanhavemoreoptionsthanjustyou need! Fee for additional bartenders? NOTES7. Do you supply other beverages? WaterCoffee Tea Soda JuiceOther8. Is gratuity included in the package?How much?9. Is a champagne toast included? Yes, for all guestsYes, bridal party only No10. Do you close during meal service? Don\'t forget to ask the general questions on page 652 | TODAY\'S BRIDE 8-12 MONTHS UNTIL "I DO" 52'