b"BAR numbers BAR SERVICEBY THEThis bar calculator will offer you an idea of how much alcohol you should expect to serve at your reception. Keep in mind that these num-bers may change according to your guest list! If your friends and family typically favor beer over wine, youll need to adjust the proportions accordingly so as not to run out of the most popular drink!We also suggest using the total guest list count in order to calculatethe amounts. Though guests under 21 wont be drinking alcoholicbeverages, its better to have too much than too littlejust in casesome guests drink more than one drink an hour.+ =Number of Guests Number of Hours Total DrinksAVERAGE SPLITLiquor 30%Beer 20%Wine 50%+ .3 =Total Drinks Servings of Liquor+ .2 =Total Drinks Servings of Beer+ .5 =Total Drinks Servings of WineONE BOTTLE OFLIQUOR KEG WINE 18SERVINGS 165SERVINGS 4SERVINGSServings of Liquor1654 18 Servings of Beer Servings of Wine= = Kegs of Beer = Bottles of WineBottles of Liquor8SERVINGS Number of 8 = Number ofDON'T FORGET THE CHAMPAGNE TOAST!Guests Over 21 BottlesHate math? Download an Excel fileo help you figureout your bar numbers at TodaysBride.com/drinksREAD MORE AT TODAYSBRIDE.COM | 5352 53"