b"How to tie a bow tie MEN'S ATTIRE The perfect fitor any style wedding, weve made tying yourbow tie a rather easy process with just 10 steps! SH OP PINGTie shopping listShoesTie Clip Socks Cuff Links Pocket SquareJack Button-Down ShirtetVest Undershirt SuspendersBeltTrousersQUESTIONS TO ASKChoosing exactly what youll be wearing on your wedding day is one of the most important tasks youll be given as a groom. Tackle it like a pro by asking your Consultant these questions!YES NOMenA POP toTies.com 1.Do you carry:Tuxedos Suitsed?2. Do you: Sell Rent 3. Do you sell accessories?4. Are items in stock? OF PERSONALITY 5.If no, when do we have to order? 6. How do out-of-town groomsmen get fitoftengetoverlookedwhenitcomes fashion, especially standing next to a bride. If you want to feel confident and stylish at your Sabrina Hall wedding, its important to find an ensemble thatPhotography 7. How many fittings will I h ve?will turn some heads. Besides securing the per-8. Do you have any discounts?fect fitno groom wants too-long pants or a baggy jacketthe most important aspect in an eye-catching look is to add your personality to the details! NOTESColor is one easy way to make a statement with Ties.comyour suit or tux. Instead of black or gray, look for an emerald, blue, or mauve suit. If you want to add color without sacrificing tradition, add a pop of color with playful socks or a pocket square.Another way to add your style and personality to Sabrina Hall your overall look is with patterns! Checked, flo- Photographyral, chevron, striped, or geometric patterns add interest and dimension to your tie or vest. The result will be a bold and adventurous ensemble that is sure to attract attention.Ties.com Don't forget to ask the general questions on page 6READ MORE AT TODAYSBRIDE.COM | 5554 55"