b"MEN'S ATTIRELMAC PhotographyAmerican Sabrina HallGROOM'sCommodore Tuxedo PhotographyDay-Of Checklist:Print off the itineraryBring a gift or heartfelt letterfor the BrideBring the signed MarriageLicense edding bands and passBring wthem off to the Best Man right before the ceremonyPresent Groomsmen with giftsMake sure there are snacks and water in the Grooms suiteCreate tip envelopes and assign a Groomsman or your OH Snap! Alicia LuciaPhotography Photography parents to hand them outMake sure ushers are awareof any special seatingarrangementsAmericanCommodore ficiant, Musicians,Meet with Of Tuxedo Transportation Driver, and any other vendors for any last-min-ute changes or questionsGet a close shave our suit or tux so it Hang y doesnt wrinkleLMACBring a steamer or iron for any Photography last-minute touch-upsSabrina HallDrop off your and your Brides Photography luggage in the car or hotel room where youll be stayingGet portraits of you and your Groomsmen before the cere-mony to save time for family photos between the ceremony and receptionHave a good breakfast andkeep hydrated56"