b"BEAUTY TIMELINE BEAUTY & HEALTH6-9 months 2 weeks Decide on a hair color.ContinueGet final highlights If youre going to exper- this once Have a final trial hair and ma eupiment with new shadesevery three appointment to finali e your look. (like trying out blonde forUse your own lipstick so you can reapply as oftenthe first time) n w is themonths.as necessary the day-of!time to do it so you canBring your veil and accessories totweak or fix a ything you dont like. make sure they work with your 'do! Schedule a conditioning xperiment hair treatment. Get a final trim, but dontIf you plan to lose weight, book a per- with new styles or cuts. sonal trainer or come up with a fitness Week-ofand diet routine.Get a manicure and pedicure.Isabella Jane Botias Meet with a dermatologist if you have Use your self-tanning lotion or visit theHair and Hairstyling Makeup severe skin issues you want to address. tanning salon twice this week. Develop a skin regimen.Get a full body massage.3-5 monthsGet a facial. Make sure to schedule at least one other facialFind hair and makeup stylist(s). before this one. You dont want to have an allergic reaction the week of your wedding! Have your first hair and ma eup trial appointment.Schedule a bikini, eyebrow, and under Start using whitening toothpaste,arm wax, and shave (or wax) your legs. strips, rinses, or schedule a consulta-tion with a dentist. Appointments1-2 months If youre planning onHAir Trial: using self-tanning lotion,Tanning begin use once a week. beds can beMakeup Trial: If youre planning onusing tanning beds, visit aharmful toManicure:salon once a week for 10your skin, Use minute increments. Pedicure:Isabella Jane Chelsea Get a facial. with caution.Anderson Hairstyling Photography Other: READ MORE AT TODAYSBRIDE.COM | 6160 61"