b"WEDDING STATIONERYInvitation TimelineLike most aspects of planning your wedding, 1 yearaddressing your invitations has traditions andguidelines to adhere to. When hosting a formalBegin guest list wedding celebration, use these tips to addressyour envelopes. date:10-12 monthsUse full names only, like Miss Rachel Begin shopping andJohnson, not Miss Johnson.order save-the-date cardsAbbreviating Mister and Misses to Mr. and Mrs. is acceptable.date:Do not abbreviate titles like Doctor or9 monthsReverend.Mail save-the-datesNorth, South, East, West is written in Note: Do not send a save-thefull if it precedes the street name.date to anyone who you mightnot extend an invite to.A comma is added after the street name and an abbreviation for North, South, East,date:West is used if it comes after the address. 6-9 monthsBe Our Guest! Or not? date: Finalize guest list4-6 monthsOne of the more stressful parts of a wedding can be deciding on the guest list. We know you dont want to hurt anyones feelings, but you also dont have an unlimited budget. Here is a quick and easy quiz toOrder invitationshelp you decide who gets an invite and who will have to see your stunning dress via Facebook. date:1. How do you 5. Would you invite Yes! 16-21POINTS 8 weeks know them? them over for dinner?Mail invitations to A. I dontmy mom A. If I was forced.- 1pt Of course this person should be in- out-of-town guests knows them.- 1pt B. Absolutely!- 3pt vited! Why are you even taking this B. Theyre a friend. - 3pt C. Yes, but I would make quiz? You clearly care about themdate:C.Theyre a colleague. - 2pt something quick.- 2pt and want them to be a part of your special day. Stop questioning it and6 weeks2. When was the last send that save-the-date already!6. Do you talk about Mail invitations totime you spoke your wedding a lot in local guestswith them? front of this person? 12-15 POINTS date:A. Last week or sooner. - 3ptA. Theyve heard every Add them to B-Lis 2 weeksB. In the last few months. - 2pt single detail.- 3ptC. Hmm.good question. - 1pt y mom has.- 1pt Send out your first roundf save- Call guests who have B. I'm sure m the-dates to your A-List. If people C. Theyve heard me talking not RSVPedstart to inform you they cant make Emphasis on call:3. Have they met about it in the offi e.- 2pt it, send out the B-List invitations.A phone call is the polite your fian ? This way you can make sure every- way to obtain a response from your guest. AvoidA. Yes, a bunch of 7. Will you still talk to one you really want to celebrateusing text or email.times! - 3pt this person in 5 years? with has top priority.B. Never. - 1pt date:C. I think once or twice. - 2pt A. Yes, most likely.- 3pt No. 7-11POINTS THE BIG DAY!B. Absolutely not.- 2ptC. I dont really know.- 1pt Skip the invite and just let them 4.Were you invited to enjoy the pictures when you blow their wedding? up social media with them. You date:obviously arent very close with A. I was not invited. - 1ptTOTAL: them, so they shouldnt be offend- 4 weeks laterB. I was in the wedding. - 3ptedor surprisedthat they didnt C. I was invited.- 2pt get invited. They might actually Mail thank you notesbe a bit relieved. date:READ MORE AT TODAYSBRIDE.COM | 6564 65"