b'PHOTO PHOTO BOOTH PHOTO BOOTHBOOTHQUESTIONS TO ASKPhoto booths are a fun way to offer your guests a great souvenir. Sincere or silly, its impossible to not have fun posing with yourOH Snap! loved ones!Photography YES NO1. What is the standard number of hours? Photo booths serve as the perfect 2. How much space do you need?guest book or party favor, and Sabrina Hall your guests will have so much funPhotography posing. From props to backdrops 3. Have you worked at my venue before?and new technologies, weve laid out all 4.Will your staff work the wedding?the details you need to know before booking a photo booth.5. Do guests get copies of the photos? 6.Will I get copies of the photos? SIZE & SPACESmall kiosks allow for privacy. Guests can make funny faces and strike silly 7. Do you provide a scrapbook?poses without worrying about an audience watching them. The downside tothe classic booth is that theres a limit on how many people can fit into one 8. Can the photos be posted to social media?shot. With an open-air lounge, guests can pose in small or large groups. Theyhavemorefreedomtopose,buttheymayfeelself-consciouswithothers 9. Is there a limit to the number of photos? watching.Limit:10. Will the photos be posted on your website?BACKDROPS & PROPSTimeline: If youve decided to have an open air photo booth, you can have a custom-madebackdroporagreenscreen.Dontforgetaboutgoodold-fashioned 11. Will we be able to download them all? props. Perfect for an enclosed kiosk or photo lounge, props add an element of 12. What customization can you offer?playfulness and personalization to your photos.NEW TECHNOLOGY13. Do you provide props?Other options that may be available are video or mirror photo booths. Video booths are a great way for guests to leave you a message or advice. With a 13.Will you close during dinner?mirror photo booth, guests can see what the photo will look like before its taken,becausetheyrequiteliterallyposinginfrontofamirror!Another benefit of this new trend is that the mirror can double as beautiful decor before NOTESthe entertainment gets started. PHOTO ALBUMS & SOCIAL MEDIA SHARINGBoth you and your guests will most likely want to share these fun photos on social media. Luckily, this option is included in many packages or can be easily added with most photo booth companies! Albums are a common way to collect and view all of the photos taken in the booth. Before booking your photo booth, ask your rental company if they provide either or both of these options. Don\'t forget to ask the general questions on page 6 If they do provide a memory album, be sure that two sets of photos can be printed: one for your album and one for the guest.70 | TODAY\'S BRIDE 8-12 MONTHS UNTIL "I DO" 70'