b'NEW Do you need a Visa? HONEYMOON HONEYMOONWhile a US passport allows you to leave and re-enter theBUDGETTSA RULE United States, some countries require a tourist visa to Starting October 1, 2020, any Ohio stateenter their country. You are required to submit your visaBUDGET$driverslicensesissuedbeforeJuly2,application to the nearest embassy or consulate of the 2018 will not be accepted by the TSA forcountry youll be traveling to 10-14 days before your de- Flightboth domestic and international fl ers.parture date. Note that applications must be submitted Before this date, you will either have toin-person or via a travel or visa service as mailed applica- $obtainandbringidentitydocumentstions are not accepted. A Travel Agent should be able to approved by the TSA when you fly ortell you about any necessary travel documents.acquire a Compliant state ID. This Com- Lodgingpliant ID card isnt physically differentPOPULAR DESTINATIONS THAT REQUIRE A VISA:from a standard issue drivers license,AustraliaBrazilChinaEgyptIndiaIndonesia$but it does require more in-depth in- KenyaRussiaThailandTurkeyVenezuelaVietnamformation. To receive your new license,Car Rentalyoullneedtobringproofofthese things to your BMV: New! ETIAS VISAYour full legal namemake sure your license$and passport match If youll be traveling to Europe (other than UK, Ireland,Date of Birth or Western Europe) in 2021 or beyond, you will needActivities Social Security Number to obtain a European Travel Information and Authori- 2 copies of proof of Ohio Residency zation System (ETIAS) visa. To apply, visit etiasvisa.com$ Proof of Legal Presence and be sure to have your passport (valid for at least 3 months beyond your travel date), a credit card, andFoodan email address. *Any travel to Europe between June 2019December 2020 does not require an ETIAS visa.* $POPULAR DESTINATIONS THAT REQUIRE AN ETIAS:FranceItalyGreeceSpainPortugalGermanyBelgium MiscellaneousPolandNorwaySwedenHungaryCzechiaSwitzerlandFinlandDenmarkAustriaNetherlandsIceland $READ MORE AT TODAYSBRIDE.COM | 7574 75'