b'NAME:& NAME: .engagement Date:Wedding Date: India Earl PhotographyQUESTIONS TO ASKThese often overlooked questions are vital when it comes to booking each and every vendor. Heres what you should find Where to START. out before signing any agreements or placing a deposit.Remember to ask all your vendors:CHOOSE A DATE YES NODecide which season you want to get married in and then choose a month. Be flexible with the dates within the month you choose, as your1.Am I your only client that day?venues may be booked on that specific date.Create a budget 2. Will you be working my wedding?You cant do much when it comes to planning your wedding without aIf not, who will?budget. The average Northeast Ohio wedding can cost anywhere from3. Do you have insurance options? $22,000-$50,000 or more. If anyone will be contributing to your wed-ding fund, get an idea of what theyre willing to provide so you know how4. How many years of experience do you have?much you should save.5. Are there additional fees? Create a wedding email Fees: Over the next few months to a year, youll be meeting a lot of people while6. Can I get a contract in writing? collecting tons of information. Its super convenient to have everythingNever make a deposit without a written contract!stored in one inbox. 7. Is gratuity included? ASK your Wedding Party8. How far in advance should I book you?Take our quiz on page 28 to find out who you should ask! Our advice: dont ask someone to be in the party just because you feel obligated to. 9.Will your staff require a meal? 10. Can I customize a package? Other things to discuss:Dress CodeCancellation/Refund Policy Payment Plans/Due DatesAs you decide on which vendors you Arrival/Departure TimesEquipment (who will bewill be using, keep track of their contact information on the Master Vendor List providing it, and if there areEmergency Plansany additional fees) on Page 134.Visit TodaysBride.com/plan forwedding planning tips & resources.6 |READ MORE AT TODAYSBRIDE.COM6'