b"QUESTIONS TO ASK PHOTOGRAPHYThe images your Photographer captures will become a perma-nent reminder of your day, so choose wisely! Use the questions below to help you.YES NO1. Have you ever shot at my ceremony location?2. Have you ever shot at my reception location?First 3. What is your style of photography? Look Shot,4. What sets you apart from others?or not? Anna Delores5. How many cameras will you use?Photography6.Will you be the Photographer the day-of?PhotographyIts entirely up to you whether you want to uphold the superstition that the7.Will there be an assistant on-hand to help?couple should not see each other until they meet at the altar or be rebel-lious and meet at a first look. Ifou need help deciding, take this quiz: 8. Will there be a second-shooter? 1. Are you wearing a veil? 5. Are you an Early Bird A. Absolutely! Probably myor a Night Owl? 9. When do I need to book you by?moms or grandmas. - 1ptA. Early Bird. - 2pt10. Do you have a standard shot list?B. No, Im thinking a fl werB. Night Owl. - 1pt crown or sparkly clip. - 2pt 11.Is there a fee for additional locations? TOTAL: Fee: 2. Which word describeshow you feel about your 12. How many hours will I have?wedding? 8-10 POINTSA. Nervous. - 1pt YES!13. When will you arrive?B. Excited! - 2pt A first look is per ect for you! Youll 14. Do you have an emergency back-up plan? still have a dramatic reveal and the 3. Are you having personal photos captured are priceless. Plus, spending time with your fian 15. Can I customize a package?vows or traditional vows?A. Traditional.- 1pt will eliminate those nerves! 16. Do you do engagement photos? B. Personal.- 2pt 5-7 POINTS Included in packageAdd-on service NoNO.17. When can I expect to receive my images?4. Did your fianhelpYou dont want to take awayyou dress shop? from your grand entrance, are a bit 18. How will my photos be given to me? A. No way! I cant wait superstitious, and believe in tradi- DiscUSB FTPPrinted Other to see their reaction.- 1pt tions. Skip the first look and stick 19. What is your copyright policy?B. They had some input.- 2pt with the aisle reveal! Learn more about first loo s and photography at20. How long do you keep a copy www.TodaysBride.com/photos of my photos? 21. Do you offer photo albums?Look your best in photos Included in packageAdd-on service NoNOTES Push your tongue against the roof ofYour sun-kissed bronze may photo- your mouth to elongate and slim thegraph more orange than tan. Lay off look of your neck. theself-tannerafewdaysbeforeAngle your body about 30-45 degreesphotostoavoidanoompaloompa effect.fromthecameraforamorebody-slimming look.Posture makes a huge difference in Eliminate a double chin by pushingphotographs. Stand up straight and pull your shoulders back and down.yourneck forwardabitandtiltingyour chin upward.Dont forget to smile with your eyes. Don't forget to ask the general questions on page 6READ MORE AT TODAYSBRIDE.COM | 7978 79"