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The Perfect Mismatched Bridal Party


Every bride is unique — and so is everyone in her bridal party! So why make all of the bridesmaids wear the same thing? Many stylish brides are asking the same exact question which leads them to the mismatched bridesmaid’s trend.

The momentous task of pulling off such a look requires a lot of planning, but if done correctly, and with class, you should be able to pull off this popular trend So here are some tips when you are trying to create the Perfect Mismatched Bridal Party:

Same Color + Different Style

Most weddings have strict color themes that are carried out through the ceremony and reception. Naturally, the bridesmaids should all be sporting your color palette, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix things up! Many brides are opting to dress their bridesmaids in the same color, but are choosing different dress styles. We suggest that if you want sophisticated floor-length dresses, all of the dresses stay the same length. The same goes for cocktail dresses and every length in between. Tell all of your maids your theme color and let them find their dress.  This option gives the bridal party a feeling of continuity with a touch of individuality for each of your bridesmaids.

Same Style + Different Color

It is also becoming increasingly popular to have your bridal party all in the same dress, but with different colors. Whether it’s monochromatic colors (colors that are all in the same family, but in different shades) or colors that are all completely different. Both options add a nice touch to the wedding party, but you want to remember not to choose colors that clash, but colors that flow well together. Feel free to try two or three colors instead of just one. Consult a color wheel to decide which colors complement one another, which colors wash others out and which colors clash when put together.

Different Style + Different Color

If you are particularly daring or love how things that are so different can somehow match, you will adore this third option. It’s crazy to let your bridesmaids wear whatever they want, right? Wrong! When your bridesmaids have the freedom to choose their dresses, the effect can be magical. Different patterns, colors, and styles can all create a look that no color wheel or designer can create. This look will be unique and individual to your wedding! No one’s wedding will ever look the same as yours. (And if someones are exactly like yours, you two should probably meet up for coffee because you’re living parallel lives.)

To create this truly mismatched look, keep these tips in mind. Give your bridesmaids some guidance on what to look for. For instance, if your wedding’s color in pink, suggest that everyone finds a unique dress that is pink (or a variation of it). Also, don’t be afraid to throw some patterns into the mix. No pattern or bright color will ever be able to take away from the gorgeous centerpiece of the bridal party: YOU! So let your bridesmaids go for it, make sure you approve of all the dress options before they hit the aisle.

Similar Style + Similar Color

Alternatively, you may be all for individuality, but you might not be too sure about giving your bridesmaids free reign over their dresses. In this case, having dresses that are similar in color and style might be the best option for you. If you want to flow floor-length dresses in teal, all of the dresses should be — you guessed it — flowing floor-length dresses in teal. As more of a compromise, you could have two theme colors and let your maids take their pick of which color to wear. Although different, the colors will still match the overall theme of your wedding, leaving both you and your girls happy.

Same Dress + Different Accessories

Maybe, however, you’re a sucker for the traditional look that requires the bridesmaids to match, but you still want a pop of individuality and uniqueness for everyone in your bridal party. Many brides do. To keep that classic look, we suggest putting everyone in the bridal party in the same dress, but getting creative with some different and exciting accessories. Why get plain nude heels when you could get bright, colorful pumps? No necklace? Yes, necklace! Make it huge, or sparkly, or whatever suits your style the most. Every one of your bridesmaids can rock their own, unique accessories. Hold your own accessories party where your bridesmaids can pick out specially made jewelry and other accessories from a vendor. Or even go to a class and make your own!

The Final Look

In the end, creating a mismatched bridal party can be tedious, but it’s also a fun and creative way to add some uniqueness to your wedding. Don’t feel pressured to choose traditional colors or styles; the sky is the limit when pulling off this popular mismatched maids trend! Get crazy. Get creative. Get mismatched!


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