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The only task harder than picking your bridesmaids is none other than the process of picking out their attire! Bridesmaids’ dresses have an interesting rep. If you’re not a bridesmaid rookie, you’ve probably cringed while trying on a zebra-print neon nightmare or a cupcake styled tulle terror! The reason behind the stress that comes along with choosing your girls’ gowns is the fact that it’s a huge deal! You want your maids to look fabulous, feel comfortable, and accent (but not outshine) your own wedding dress. Before you choose your girlfriends’ get-up, check out the Today’s Bride staff’s favorite bridesmaids’ dress trends ever!

Bridesmaids' Dresses| Justin Ketchem Photography| As seen on

Justin Ketchem Photography

Summer Pastels

Pastel colors, blush specifically, has stolen the show this wedding season. It might be the delicate color itself, or how it complements a summer tan and just about every hair color. Off-set by silver, gold, navy or gray, pastel gowns are easily accessorized and look incredible in a variety of shapes and styles. Today’s Bride intern Cassie notes that this colorful trend pairs well with rustic chic and nautical themes, bringing a feminine touch to the big day.

Pick These Pastels

Bridesmaid's Dresses| Carol Malick Photography| As seen on

Carol Malick Photography

Mismatched Maids

The mismatched theme has been around for a while now, and there’s a reason it’s been “in” for so long! Allowing your girls to choose their own gowns comes with so many benefits. First, your maids will know what style fits their shape best, so you don’t have to worry about making anyone uncomfortable – sweetheart necklines, tea length skirts, and long sleeves fit everyone differently! If the bridal party is paying for their dresses, allowing them to choose their own style makes it easier and more fun to purchase their gown! Intern Meg loves the mismatched trend because it gives your girls a chance to fall in love with a dress that they will wear more than once. Last but not least, this trend looks phenomenal. With an array of different styles, cuts, and colors your bridesmaids will exude confidence!

An Elegant Example

Bridemaids' Dresses| Genevieve Nisly Photography| As seen on

Genevieve Nisly Photography

50 Shades (of Coral)

If you dig the mismatched theme but worry it may lack cohesiveness, choose a certain style to stick with and let your girls pick out different shades of your chosen color! The pops of color will give each girl a unique flair without forcing an over-individualized look. It’s a bridal party, after all! Your bridesmaids will look put-together, colorfully classic and guests will still be able to point them out at the reception! Denise, Social Media & Content Stylist, obsesses over this shot of coral shades! “That look is my fave primarily because of the color palette,” she said. “I love how the deepness of the coral complements the softness of the blush. I could totally see myself going with something similar for my own wedding!”

Grab These Gowns

Bridemaids' Dresses|Jose Villa Photography| As seen on

Jose Villa Photography

Sequin Sophisticates

If you want your brides to make a statement, shower them in sequins for a super sophisticated arrangement of attire. This Jose Villa shot reflects a gorgeous bridal party dolled up in a champagne sea of sequins! Madi, Administrative & Marketing Assistant, chooses these stunning sequin adorned frocks! The overall appeal of this trend is flashy but refined, making your girls (literally) shine. Minimalist accessories and makeup will balance out the look and give each of your girls a dress to remember!

Decide On These Dresses

Bari Jay As seen on

Bari Jay

Dual Tones & Jewel Tones

Brides that crave color and blends of detail will love dual tone and jewel tone dresses! Dual tone or ombré styled fabrics pair well together and allow brides to show off multiple wedding colors. It also gives your maids two different colors to work with if they play off the gown for makeup, accessories or bouquet inspiration! Jewel tones, including bright blues, dark red wine, and regal emerald shades, look stunning in floor-length styles! Kate, Art Director, chose these Bari Jay gowns as her favorite for the stunning dual shades of blue (and the use of the dog in the photo!)

Snag This Style

Bridesmaids' dresses| Genevieve Nisly Photography| As seen on

Genevieve Nisly Photography

A Nod to Simplicity

Fashion fads will come and go, but nothing makes a statement like a classic style! Timeless silhouettes like the gorgeous gowns shown above make a stunning mark on any bridal party. Simplistic details and neutral colors are fabulous for any color or season! Bridal Marketing Account Manager, Rachel, picks strapless, neutral, and classic bridesmaids gowns as her favorite trends!

Favor these Frocks

Bridesmaids' Dresses| We've Got Something Special Photography| As seen on

We’ve Got Something Special Photography

Off the Shoulder Romance

Delicate details can transform simple gowns from somewhat stylish to incredibly chic! One-shoulder, off-the-shoulder and beaded strap styles are growing increasingly popular as they have the power to accent any maid’s overall look. Intern Amanda obsesses over these elegant one-shoulder styles because of their super unique strap and the whimsical skirts! These gowns are boho-beautiful and lightweight – perfect for any wedding in the warmer months!

One Shoulder Smolder

Bridesmaids trends come and go, but some looks are destined to leave an impression. Between the incredible array of cuts, an infinite amount of color and intricate details, choosing the perfect bridesmaids dresses is a great way for you and your girls to get creative! Pick the right gowns and you may notice your bridesmaids strutting down the runway (ahem, aisle!) Comment with your favorite bridesmaid gown trends of 2015 – we wanna know what our readers will be rocking this season!


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