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Capturing The Love: Pre-Engagement Shoot Planning Tips


One of the best parts about getting engaged is announcing it! Your best friend just asked you to spend the rest of your lives together, you’re rocking a beautiful rock, family and friends are showering you with love – life is good! In fact, it’s so good that many brides choose to memorialize this chapter of their lives with an engagement shoot – whether they send the photos out via announcement or keep them in an intimate scrapbook! Check out our pre-engagement photo-shoot tips, guaranteed to make you look & feel your best!

We've Got Something Special Photography

We’ve Got Something Special Photography


While you’re focused on looking your best for your photo-shoot, it’s most important to feel the best! Your emotions will show in your picture, so it’s a good idea to feel refreshed and excited – this is a fun day of capturing your love for your fiancé!


You can always dab your eye circles with concealer or have your photographer photoshop under-eye bags, but going into the shoot with a fresh face and a lot of energy is crucial! Getting a good night’s sleep will show – in your attitude and your face! Depending on how many shots you want, it could be a long day, so go in with a peaceful mindset and a smile!

Poses, Angles & Inspiration

While your photographer will know how to pose you, it’s a good idea to have a couple ideas in mind! Know your angles and pick a few ideas from our Inspiration photo galleries or Pinterest! Some of our favorite poses can be found here!


Celebrating your unity is the most beautiful aspect of an engagement shoot, but follow our tips on pampering yourself and you will truly feel your very best – It’s always easier to smile when you’re feeling fabulous!


One great way to guarantee you look and feel your best is by treating yourself to a detox bath! With Epsom salts, green tea, baking soda and essential oils, you can draw out the toxins in your skin as well as balance your pH levels and distress completely before your big photo-shoot!


Your face deserves some TLC before beaming for the camera! A simple skin-brightening facial will revitalize dull skin and give you that loving glow that photographers pine for; mix ¼ cup of coconut oil, honey and lemon together and leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing off.

Hair Mask

Your hair is a big part of your overall look, so making sure it’s voluminous and healthy looking is key! A little avocado, honey and olive oil set for 45 minutes and rinsed will give your hair a shiny, invigorated feel. The mask nourishes dryness, boosts strand strength and tames annoying frizz! A good hair day on your engagement photo-shoot is enough to make any girl smile!

Trim, Color & A Touch Up

One to two weeks prior to your shoot, visiting your favorite salon is a must! Have your stylist trim your ends, touch up your color and perfect your brows! If you’re planning on chopping your hair, dying it black or anything drastic, consult your stylist first and thoroughly think it over – these photos will capture you and your fiancé for the rest of your life! Looking like your self is a big part of it.

A Casually Cute ‘Do

Choose your hair style for the shoot based on a style you wear often! Keep it relatively casual but feel free to jazz your normal ‘do up with some curls or subtle accessories. Many brides prefer to keep their engagement session carefree and casual, as their wedding photos will be much fancier.

Prepping for Pearly Whites

You’re probably going to have an array of emotion while posing for the camera, but our favorite engagement photos always include a beaming bride! Show off your pearly whites to express the joy of your upcoming nuptials! If you’d like to brighten your smile, you don’t have to shell out big bucks at the dentist office, or on whitening strips! Natural teeth whitening techniques are all the rage right now – whether you’re planning to try oil pulling, the charcoal challenge or simply baking soda & hydrogen peroxide! Even eating certain foods, like strawberries and celery, are known to buff away stains and keep your teeth shining!

Nail It

Bottom line – you’ll be showing off your ring a lot! Clean, healthy and glossy nails will complement your beautiful engagement piece!


This is an opportunity to show off your personal style – the wedding day is reserved for white elegance, so wear your favorite outfit for this photo-shoot! Whether it’s a navy maxi dress with wedges, or a Cleveland Browns jersey and jeans, feeling comfortable and chic will ensure a genuine smile and an adorable collection of photos!

Pick A Theme

The easiest way to go about planning outfits with your soon to be hubby is by going with the general theme of the shoot. Are you holding an outside engagement session? Choose earthy tones with subtle color-blocking! “Rustic chic” have your heart? Rock a lace frock and classic ankle boots! Stay away from graphic tees and logo-print ensembles, you and your fiancé are the focus here!

Minimalist Accessories

The worst thing you can do is wear attention-grabbing accessories that steal the spotlight from your ring. Keep the statement necklaces, beaded bangles, overbearing earrings and clunky clutches at home!

Neutral Ensembles

You don’t have to match piece for piece, but sticking to a general color scheme always looks nice! Neutrals are especially flattering. If you’re not sold on the “white tee & jeans” thing, just wear the same type of ensemble! An outside shoot with fall outerwear or a city chic set and all black outfits is cohesive without turning tacky!

We've Got Something Special Photography

We’ve Got Something Special Photography

The engagement photo-shoot is your time to shine! Show off the love shared between you and your fiancé; plan your beauty routines, pick out your outfits and have fun doing it! You’ll have these photos forever – marking this wonderful time that you said yes to a lifetime of happiness! Smile & say “Today’s Bride Magazine!”



Abby Bishop says:

such a great list!!!! wish I had this before my engagement session, very helpful! <3

Jordan Roberts says:

Thanks so much!

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