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Losing Weight for Your Wedding

Because combining diet and exercise is always the most effective way to lose weight before your wedding, we’ve come up with a few diet and exercise tips to help you along the way! By following this simple timeline, any bride can be toned and beautiful on her wedding day:
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Six months ’til the big day: That may sound a bit early, but six months is actually right on par if you’re planning on losing more than 10 pounds. First you’ll want to determine how much weight you want to lose, so you can break down weekly and monthly goals. Start incorporating more green vegetables, nuts, beans and low-fat dairy products into your diet; pull back on processed carbohydrates, trans fats and high-fructose corn syrup/sugar. Start being more cautious about portion sizes. Do three one-hour workouts a week, with 20 minutes of high-intensity cardio, 30 minutes of strength training and 10 minutes of stretching.

Three months ’til the big day: Keep up the dieting! If you find you’re falling a bit short of your weight goal, consider cutting a food vice from your diet, at least until after the wedding. We have faith that you can go three months without soda! Take a fitness class — try to round up other brides-to-be or search for a bridal boot-camp course. Having a support group of brides will not only be comforting but will also make you work harder.

One month ’til the big day: Resist the urge to skip meals because you’re too busy with planning! Getting too hungry will make it harder to resist the quick energy offered by chips, cookies and other junk food. Also, don’t blow off your workout schedule for last-minute wedding errands. If you really don’t have time, do a more intense but shorter version of your routine.

While we do want you to look your best on your wedding day, we certainly don’t want you to sacrifice your health in order to do so! Skip any “quick fix” — it can lead to longer-term health problems in the end. Drastic fasting can impact your mood severely — making you stressed, irritable and unable to enjoy your wedding celebration. Instead, we encourage you to meet with a local fitness and/or nutrition expert to discuss ways to shed extra pounds and look your absolute fittest by the big day!


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